General information about Guatemala City
CountryRepublic of Guatemala
Region Guatemala 07
Time ZoneAmerica/Guatemala
Cost of living in Guatemala City, USD/month
Accommodation $136 $235
Food $133 $237
Transportation $13 $70
Communications and utilities $81 $76
Clothing $24 $90
Sports and leisure $24 $77
Accommodation in Guatemala City, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$136
Shared room in city centre$235
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$189
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$330

Location on map - Guatemala City

Location on map - Guatemala City
Student cities in Guatemala
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Guatemala CityGuatemala12994938
La DemocraciaEscuintla, Municipio de La Democracia5479
TacanaSan Marcos6438
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