General information about Quezon City
Country Philippines
Region Metro Manila NCR
Region 2Quezon City F2
Population 2,761,720
Time Zone Asia/Manila
Educational organizations in Quezon City
Universities, Colleges 11
Educational institutions 5
Healthcare, Medical 4
Nonprofit 1
Government, Bureaus 1
Cost of living in Quezon City
Expenses - USD/Month Min. Med.
Accommodation 77 113
Food 109 171
Transportation 11 58
Communications and utilities 101 95
Clothing 15 56
Sports and leisure 18 48
Total 331 540
Accommodation in Quezon City USD/Month
Shared room outside of centre 77
Shared room in city centre 114
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 110
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 198
Location on map
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Student cities in Philippines
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ManilaMetro Manila, City of Manila251600000
Cebu CityCentral Visayas, Province of Cebu11798634
Quezon CityMetro Manila, Quezon City112761720
DavaoDavao, PH.11.C371212504
IloiloWestern Visayas, Province of Iloilo7387681
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