Kazakhstan - General information
RegionSouthern and Central Asia
LanguageKazakh, Russian
Statistics - Rankings
Statistics - Education
Popularity rating in the world39
Ranking of universities in the world40
Academic Reputation 48
Employer Reputation 50
Quality of teaching 16
International Faculty 45
Statistics - Universities
Universities in top 500 2
Universities in top 1000 9
Universities in top 5000 11
Cost of living in Kazakhstan, USD/month
Accommodation 99 180
Food 83 175
Transportation 14 37
Communications and utilities 28 35
Clothing 18 66
Sports and leisure 21 62
Accommodation in Kazakhstan, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre100
Shared room in city centre182
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre166
1 bedroom apartment in city centre227
The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, in order to obtain accurate information on the tuition fees, please refer to the official website of the educational institution.
Title CityBachelorMaster
3841Al-Farabi UniversityAlmaty5,000 USD5,000 USD
4492Eurasian National University L N GumilevAstana5,000 USD7,000 USD
6103Kazakh National Technical University K I SatpayevKaragandy7,000 USD7,000 USD
6394Kazakh National Pedagogical University AbayAlmaty3,000 USD3,000 USD
7725Karaganda State UniversityKaragandy3,000 USD3,000 USD
7826Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations & World LanguagesAlmaty3,000 USD3,000 USD
7837Kazakh-British Technical UniversityAlmaty9,000 USD9,000 USD
7938South Kazakhstan State University M O Auezov3,000 USD5,000 USD
8179Kazakh Agrotechnical University3,000 USD3,000 USD
348910Kazakh National Medical University AsfendiyarovKaragandy
365111Kazakh National Agriculture UniversityAlmaty
531012Karaganda State Technical UniversityKaragandy2,500 USD2,500 USD
611013Pavlodar State University S ToraigyrovPavlodar2,500 USD2,500 USD
689314Nazarbayev UniversityAstana
689715East Kazakhstan State Technical University D Serikbaev
749916Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research KIMEP UniversityAlmaty
772417Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
864418Kazakh Economic UniversityAlmaty
886719East Kazakhstan State University S Amanzholov
934120Semey Semipalatinsk State University ShakarimSemey
951821West Kazakhstan State University M Otemisov2,500 USD2,500 USD
975922Pavlodar State Pedagogical InstitutePavlodar
984523Almaty Management UniversityAlmaty
997724Innovative Eurasian UniversityPavlodar2,500 USD2,500 USD
1001425North Kazakhstan State University M KozybaevPetropavl2,500 USD2,500 USD
1030626Kazakh State Women Pedagogical UniversityAlmaty
1034627Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil EngineeringAlmaty
1042628Almaty Institute of Power Engineering and TelecommunicationsAlmaty5,000 USD5,000 USD
1104929Karaganda Economical University KazpotrebsoyuzKaragandy5,000 USD5,000 USD
1112530Astana Medical University
1120631Taraz State University M H Dulati2,500 USD2,500 USD
1146432West Kazakhstan Agricultural & Technical University Zhangir-Khan
1154633Suleyman Demirel UniversityAlmaty5,000 USD5,000 USD
1156434Pavlodar Regional Institute for Teachers Advanced Studies
1161035Rudniy Industrial InstituteKostanay
1163536Semey State Medical Academy
1177137Kostanay State Pedagogical UniversityKostanay
1181438Kyzylorda State University Korkyt AtaKyzylorda
1195139Almaty Academy of Economics and StatisticsAlmaty
1230040Almaty Technological UniversityAlmaty
1245641International IT UniversityAlmaty
1284542Deutsch-Kasachische UniversitätAlmaty5,000 USD5,000 USD
1305443Kazakh National Conservatoire KurmangazyAlmaty
1316344Kazakh-American UniversityAlmaty
1326145Kazakhstan Engineering and Technology UniversityAlmaty
1334446University of International BusinessAlmaty
1353847Karaganda State Medical UniversityKaragandy
1361248St Petersburg Humanities University of Trade Unions Almaty BranchAlmaty
1371549Kostanay Socio Technical UniversityKostanay
1391350Kazakh University of Humanities and Law5,000 USD5,000 USD
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