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Universidade Regional do Noroeste do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (UNIJUI) — public non-profit university. It is located in Ijui, Brazil. UNIJUI is working together with Associação Brasileira das Universidades Comunitárias - ABRUC, Consórcio das Universidades Comunitárias - COMUNG.

UNIJUI is developing different scientific directions and invites students to join the research.

LocationIjui, Brazil
Establishment year1957
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UNIJUI tuition fees

As in many other universities in the country, the academic calendar at UNIJUI is divided into two semesters. But for convenience, tuition fees are calculated per year. One year of studying at UNIJUI will cost local citizens a minimum of 1,490 USD. For foreigners, the tuition fee is different — from 7,500 USD per year. Check the university website for up-to-date information on prices and available scholarships.

When choosing an educational institution, it is important to be aware of additional costs: accommodation, transportation, study materials, meals and personal expenses.

Academic calendarSemesters

Bachelor degree at UNIJUI

In order to enter an undergraduate program at UNIJUI, you must successfully pass the entrance exams.

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UNIJUI campus

The campus of UNIJUI is located in Ijui. This is a fairly large city that opens up many opportunities for students: from cafes, restaurants and other entertainment to internships at large companies. But an urban campus can also be a disadvantage, because big city life distracts some students from their studies. During the period of study, students can use the university library, where they can do homework and write scientific papers. Not only locals study at UNIJUI, but also students from other countries. This is a unique opportunity to get in touch with the culture of other countries, meet representatives of different nationalities and make friends around the world.

Campus TypeUrban

What to do after graduation

There are many options to stay in the country after completing your studies at the university. One of them is to get an offer from an employer and apply for a work visa. Detailed information can be found on the embassy website. You can find other options for immigration in our article.

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