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The Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical Academy is known as one of the oldest medical tertiary education facilities in Russia. The history of the Academy goes back to 1802 and since the date of foundation, the university presents a lot of notable graduates in various area of specialization apart from letting a qualified education to current students.

LocationVoronezh, Russia
Establishment year1918
Acceptance rate50%

Voronezh State Medical Academy scientific achievements

The Academy organizational structure can claim to present seven scientific institutes along with the Research Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine. To the point, three educational institutes functions at the Academy. Stuzer, the scientist and one of University fellows, discovered a new species of dysentery germ called later Shigella dysenteriae. N. Itsenko, the University graduate, described the disease more known as Itsenko-Cushing disease in the scientific world. P.Babkin, the neuroscientist and member of the University, was the one who first described several infant primitive reflexes. One of them is mentioned in most medical-related publications as Babkin reflex.

Why Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical Academy?

  • The medical library largest in the Black Earth belt is under the Academy ownership.
  • The Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical Academy places a virtual training clinic equipped with CathLab to model disease symptoms along with homunculi trainers.
  • The Academy is proud to have Nikolay Pirogov, one of best students in Natural Sciences, the founder of the Russian military surgery and anesthesia, developer of the first regional anatomy atlas, as one of its graduates.

Factsheets about Voronezh State Medical Academy

  • The Academy scholars and students with colleagues from other countries have been members to the project to investigate health condition of animals that were within the scientific space vehicle “Bion-M” for 30 days of zero gravity.
  • In the middle of XX century, D. Lavrov, the Head of Pharmacology Department, committed to sophisticate the gas-helmet of Russian manufacture.
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