Who can benefit from this service

Preparing for admission abroad can be difficult and time-consuming. It can take hours just to search for programs. With this service, we can simplify the job for you by taking care of the greatest challenges.

“Complete guidance” will be especially useful if you:

  • Lack confidence and want to increase your chances of admission

  • Don't know where to start

  • Are unfamiliar with the details of studying abroad

  • Want to dedicate more time to exam preparation

  • Don't have a strong portfolio

  • Are planning to apply to top universities

Admissions we oversee

Our complete guidance service is versatile — within its scope, we can help you secure invitations for almost any educational program.

  • Higher education: Bachelor's, Master's, PhD
  • Preparatory courses: Foundation, A-levels, IB, Pre-Masters, and others
  • Associate, Certificate, Diploma, and other professional courses

Benefits of working with us

  • Personal mentor

    Our specialist will handle your application from start to finish — selecting programs, explaining requirements, ensuring deadlines are met, submitting documents, and negotiating with universities.

  • Creative editor

    They will analyze your experience, achievements, and strengths, providing guidance on highlighting them correctly in your resume, motivational and recommendation letters.

  • Perfect application

    Since 2013, we have handled over 4000 cases, giving us a precise understanding of what universities seek in applicants and how to stand out from the rest.

  • Strategic plan

    You will receive an individualized admission strategy for each program, detailing the entire process — from the admission requirements and deadlines for preparing the documents to the addresses where to apply for the legalization.

  • Wide range of choices

    Our mentors can oversee applications to multiple countries, comparing requirements, costs, application periods, and response times.

  • Best universities

    We do not limit your choice of universities. If your profile matches a top-tier university, we will help you further enhance your application and secure admission.

Stages of admission with UniPage

A closer look at the process of our work together
  1. Free consultation

    • Figure out your preferences
    • Determine the chances of admission
    • Suggest countries suitable to your preferences, academic performance, and budget
    • Tell you what is required for admission
  2. Conclusion of an agreement

    • Establish criteria for program selection
    • Confirm the terms of the agreement
  3. Search for programs

    • Search for programs according to your selected criteria
    • Begin working on the most suitable programs
  4. Admission process

    • Create a personal strategy
    • Provide step-by-step instructions for each document: where to obtain it and how to prepare.
    • Specify necessary entrance exams
    • Determine your talents and disclose them in motivation letters
    • Negotiate with universities, lobby for your interests, and report on the progress of the plan
    • Fill out and send applications
    • Prepare and submit applications for university scholarship
    • Provide advice on interviews held by the universities
  5. Enrollment

    • Monitor feedback from universities
    • Notify you when invitation letters arrive
    • If there are several offers, we will help you choose the best option

What documents are included in the service

As part of the service, the mentor will assist you with your application, while the creative editor will edit:

  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letters (2)
  • CV or academic resume

Service cost

The total cost depends on the number of programs we will be working on. Submission to two different programs at one university is considered to be an application to two different programs.

  1. 1 program
  2. 2 programs
  3. 3 programs
  4. 4 programs
  5. The most effective5 programs230,000RUB
  6. +1 program

If you send an inquiry to UniPage less than 22 business days before the application deadline, the cost of the service increases by 50%.

If you order complete guidance to Ivy League universities (US), along with MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Technical University of Munich, and National University of Singapore, the cost of the service will be 120,000 RUB for each program.

Frequently asked questions

Are my admission chances guaranteed?

Admission chances are not guaranteed, as they depend on various factors such as GPA, language proficiency, publications, work experience, achievements, and budget.

Our mentors will analyze your profile and select the best programs to maximize admission opportunities. Applying to at least three universities increases your chances of admission.

Which countries do you assist with admissions?

We provide assistance for admissions in many countries, from the USA and Great Britain to Turkey and Israel.

The full list of countries we work with you can find on our website.

Do you work with all universities?

Yes, we work with both public and private universities.

We specialize in helping students apply to prestigious institutions such as Ivy League universities, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, and other top-ranking universities.

Why is the service more expensive for some universities?

Admission to certain universities, including Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge, and other top schools, requires additional documents such as essays, recommendations, and answers to specific questions.

The price reflects the extra work involved in these applications.

How long does it take to select programs?

The search itself can take several days. Then, we contact the universities to clarify the information, but they do not always promptly respond. Because of this, the whole process may take up to three weeks.

How will I stay in touch with the mentor and editor?

Our employees can communicate with you through various channels to accommodate your preferences: in-person meetings, Telegram, WhatsApp, video calls, or e-mails. You can contact us at any time during our business hours.

For high school graduates, we facilitate a group chat that includes the parent, child, and mentor. This approach ensures a more efficient and controlled process throughout the admission journey.

When should I start preparing for admission?

Ideally, it is recommended to start preparing for admission a year and a half before the start of your studies. This allows time for country and program selection, document collection, and exam preparation.

The application deadline is very close. Can you help me?

It depends on your situation, so we will begin by evaluating your case. If we determine that there is sufficient time to apply, then we can proceed with our work. We guarantee prompt action and priority treatment. But due to the strict deadlines, you will also need to act promptly.

Please note that when applying within less than 22 business days, the service cost increases by 50%.

When does our cooperation end?

Our cooperation ends once you receive an unconditional invitation letter from a university.

If the university provides a conditional offer, such as submitting final exam scores, we will assist you until the final acceptance.

Are scholarship applications included in the service?

Yes, we assist with scholarship applications. If the university offers internal scholarships, we will help you complete the application. There is no fee for submission. If successful, our agency charges 15% of the scholarship amount.

Can you help me find housing?

Finding accommodation is not included in the "Complete guidance" service. However, you can use our "Accommodation search" service for a separate fee. The cost is from 228 USD.

Our specialists can assist you in reserving student housing or other types of accommodation offered by the university.

What is not included in the “Complete guidance” service?
  • Visa document preparation
  • Course selection and registration at the university
  • Registration for orientation days and other pre-events
  • Medical examination arrangements
  • Opening a bank account in the country of study
  • Translation and recognition of educational documents (nostrification, homologation, etc.)

Evaluate your admission and scholarship chances for free

Leave a request — we will answer all your questions, as well as:

  • advise suitable countries;
  • break down the requirements for admission;
  • what budget is needed for studying in a foreign university.

Try to fill in the questionnaire in as much detail as possible — this will help us find a specialist for you and prepare for the consultation.

Additional services

  • Visa support

    We provide guidance on visa requirements and assist you in collecting the necessary documents. Our team will schedule an appointment with the consulate and ensure that you receive your visa on time.

  • Supervisor Search (Master, PhD)

    When applying for a master's or PhD program, it is sometimes necessary to pre-select a supervisor. Our team will help you find the right professor and convince him to oversee your research.

  • Assistance in renting / buying property (real estate) abroad

    We will advise trusted real estate agents, help you contact them and competently arrange the work.

  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit / citizenship by investment

    Our partner database contains only trusted agencies that will assist you along the entire immigration process.