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About VŠLG

University of Logistics (VŠLG) — private for-profit college. It is located in Prerov, Czech Republic. The higher education institution was founded not so long ago — in 2004 — which is why it is considered one of the youngest in the country.

VŠLG conducts various scientific activities and is inviting students to join the research.

LocationPrerov, Czech Republic
Establishment year2004
Acceptance rate90%
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VŠLG tuition fees

The academic calendar at VŠLG is divided into two semesters, as in many other universities in Czech Republic. For convenience, tuition fees are calculated per year. Tuition fees at VŠLG are different for locals and foreigners. Czech Republic citizens pay 113 USD per year, while international students pay a minimum of 2,500 USD. Check the university website for up-to-date information on tuition fees and available scholarships.

It is necessary to pay attention to other costs: accommodation, transportation, study materials, food, and personal expenses.

Academic calendarSemesters

Bachelor degree at VŠLG

In order to enter an undergraduate program at VŠLG, you must successfully pass the entrance exams.

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VŠLG campus

The campus of the educational institution is suburban. The advantages of such a location include the ability to quickly get to the city, access to various types of recreation (in nature and in the city) and a close-knit student community. The university has a library where students can do their homework, write scientific papers or just read interesting books. Foreigners who come to VŠLG through exchange programs study and live with local students. Thus, the university promotes intercultural exchange and the establishment of interethnic relations.

Campus TypeSuburban

What to do after graduation

There are many options to stay in the country after completing your studies at the university. One of them is to get an offer from an employer and apply for a work visa. Detailed information can be found on the embassy website. We talk about other options for immigration in our article.

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