Veterinary & Agriculture

Plant protection; Crop protection;

#1853: Plant pathology

Plant pathology; Plant pathology;

#101: Agricultural business & economics

Agricultural business and economics; Agribusiness; Agricultural economics;

#102: Agricultural communications

Agricultural communications;

#103: Agronomy


#104: Environmental science

Ecology; Environment; Environmental science; Environmental policy; Environmental studies; Environmental biology; Ecology and nature management; Ecology and management of natural resources; Management of natural resources; Bioecology; Agroecology;

#105: Zoology & zootechnology

Zoology & zootechnology; Zootechnics; Animal husbandry; Animal science; Equine sciences; Beekeeping; Apiculture; Hunting;

#106: Aquatic bioresources & aquiculture

Aquatic bioresources & aquiculture; Aquatic bioresources and aquiculture; Fisheries & allied aquacultures; Fishery; Industrial fishing;

#107: Horticulture


#108: Agriculture

Agriculture; Agricultural science;

#109: Poultry science

Poultry science;

#110: Veterinary science

Veterinary science; Veterinary sanitary examination; Veterinary-sanitary expertise;

#112: Veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine; Clinical veterinary medicine; Pre-clinical veterinary medicine;

#113: Forestry

Forestry; Forest sciences; Technology of timber cutting and timber processing industries;

#115: Entomology


#116: Agrochemistry & agricultural soil science

Agrochemistry & agricultural soil science; Agrochemistry and agricultural soil science; Agricultural chemistry; Agricultural soil science;

#117: Agrophysics


#118: Plant breeding

Plant breeding; Crop science; Plant science;

#119: Seed production

Seed production;

#120: Agricultural melioration

Agricultural melioration;

#121: Pedology

Pedology; Agricultural soil science; Soil science;

#122: Farming


#123: Biology & soil sciences

Biology & soil sciences;

#124: Botany

Botany; Algology; Plant anatomy; Bryology; Geobotany; Plant geography; Dendrology; Seed dispersal; Carpology; Lichenology; Mycology; Plant morphology; Paleobotany; Palynology; Plant systematics; Plant physiology; Phytopathology; Floristics; Plant ecology; Ethnobotany; Plant biology;

#125: Animal dentistry

Animal dentistry;

#126: Wildlife sciences

Wildlife sciences;

#127: Oenology (Winemaking) & viticulture

Oenology (winemaking) & viticulture;

#128: Wildlife conservation

Wildlife conservation;

Architecture & Construction

#201: Building science

Building science; Building construction; Construction; Building engineering; Construction engineering; Structures;

#202: Architecture

Architecture; Architectural studies; Landscape architecture; Architectural engineering; Structural engineering; History and theory of architecture;

#203: Urban planning

Urban planning; Urbanistics; Urban design; Urban studies; Land planning; Town planning; Urban constructing engineering;

#204: Rural planning

Rural planning;

#205: Regional planning

Regional planning;

#206: City cadastre

City cadastre;

#207: Land planning & cadastres

Land planning & cadastres; Land planning and cadastres; Land-utilization and cadastral register; Land management and cadastres;

#210: Building materials

Building materials; Construction materials; Production of building materials, items and constructions; Technology for building materials and items;

#211: Heat-gas supply & ventilation

Heat-gas supply & ventilation;

#212: Descriptive geometry, engineering & computer graphics

Descriptive geometry, engineering & computer graphics;

#213: Landscape studies

Landscape studies; Landscape science;

#214: Building technology

Building technology;

#216: Construction of unique buildings & structures

Construction of unique buildings & structures;

#217: Transport construction

Transport construction;

#218: Water supply system & water dump

Water supply system & water dump; Water delivery system;

Theatre, Design & Fine Arts

#301: Fashion

Fashion; Luxury & fashion management; Luxury and fashion management;

#303: Performing arts

Performing arts; Actor; Performer; Artist of drama and film; Acting;

#305: Drama

Drama; Dramaturgy; Dramatic arts;

#306: Fine arts

Fine arts; Drawing and painting; Painting; Studio art;

#307: Sound Production of cultural performances & concerts

Sound production of cultural performances & concerts; Sound production of theatrical performances and festivals;

#308: Literary creativity

Literary creativity; Creative writing;

#309: Monumental & decorative art

Monumental & decorative art;

#310: Museology

Museology; Museum studies;

#311: Arts & crafts

Arts & crafts; Folk artistic culture; Folk art culture; Arts and crafts; Handicrafts; Folk crafts; Applied arts and folk trades;

#312: Directing theatre

Directing theatre; Directing theatrical performances and festivals; Dramatized show and festivals direction;

#314: Restoration

Restoration; Reconstruction and restoration of architectural heritage;

#315: Sculpture

Sculpture; Sculpturing;

#316: Social & cultural activities

Social & cultural activities; Social and cultural activities; Socio-cultural activities;

#317: Scenery


#318: Theatre studies

Theatre studies; Theatre arts;

#319: Arts history

Arts history; History of art; Theory and history of art; Art history;

#320: Technology of performance decorative appearance

Technology of performance decorative appearance; Spectacle decoration technology;

#321: Choreography

Choreography; Choreographic performance; Dance;

#322: History & theory of choreographic art

History & theory of choreographic art;

#323: Circus performance

Circus performance; Circus art;

#325: Design

Design; Design by branches;

#326: Art design (by branches)

Art design (by branches); Costume and textile arts; Art of costume and textiles; Artistic design of textile products and light industry; Artistic design of costume

artistic design of textiles; Artistic design of leather goods; Artistic design of jewelry; Decoration textile products and light industry; Technology and engineering of textile products; Art of costume and textiles; Technology of art processing of materials; Technology of printing and packaging production; Technology of products of light industry; Designing products of light industry;

#327: Creative studies

Creative studies;

#328: Digital arts

Digital media; Computer-aided design; Digital media; Digital arts; CAD system; Automated design system; CAE system;

#329: Landscape design & architecture

Landscape design and architecture; Landscape design; Design of architecture environment; Architecture environment design; Sustainable design; Environmental design; Interior design; Design of an architectural milieu; Architectural design;

#330: Industrial & vehicle design

Industrial & vehicle design; Industrial design; Vehicle design; Manufacturing & design; Manufacturing and design;

#331: Textiles & Apparel design

Textiles & apparel design; Textiles and apparel design; Clothing, textiles and costume design; Costume design; Theatre costume design; Textile design; Fashion and textiles merchandising; Textiles & apparel: retail merchandising; Retail merchandising; Textiles & apparel; Apparel design & conservation;

#332: Graphics & visual design

Graphics & visual design; Graphic design; Visual design; Media design; Visual art; Visual arts; Visual art studies; Printmaking; Drawing; Typography; Graphic communication; Visual communication; Graphic arts; Etching; Line art; Illustration; Graphs; Diagrams; Symbols; Maps; Photography; Engineering drawings; Computer graphics; Web graphics; Web development; Multimedia and web design; 3D design; Media arts and sciences; Introduction to multimedia;

#333: Information design & game design

Information design & game design; Game design; Communication design;

#334: Heritage conservation

Heritage conservation; Protection of cultural and natural heritage; Museology and conservation of cultural and natural heritage sites;

Communication & Journalism

#1846: Filmmaking

Filmmaking; Film production; Digital filmmaking;

#401: Film & cinema studies

Film & cinema studies; Film studies; Cinema studies;

#402: Cinematography


#403: Producing


#404: Directing film & television

Directing film & television;

#405: Radio & TV broadcasting

Radio & tv broadcasting; Television;

#406: Advertising & public relations

Advertising; Public relations; Advertising and public relations; Public relations and advertising;

#407: Publishing


#408: Journalism


#409: Animation & video graphics

Animation & video graphics; Motion graphics;

#410: Lighting Director

Lighting director;

#411: Sound production of film & television

Sound production of film and television;

#412: Directing of multimedia programs

Directing of multimedia programs;

#413: Screenwriting


#414: Telecommunication


#415: Video production

Video production; Videography;

#416: Communication & media studies

Communication; Communications; Communication and media studies; Communications and new media; Communication sciences; Communication studies; Media communications; Internet communications;

Engineering & Technology

#514: Radio engineering

Radio engineering; Radioelectronic systems; Special radio systems;

#516: Electronics & nanoelectronics

Electronics & nanoelectronics; Electronics & integrated circuits;

#518: Plasma & high-tech power systems

Plasma & high-tech power systems;

#519: Heat power engineering & thermal engineering

Heat power engineering & thermal engineering; Heat-power engineering and heating engineering; Heat power engineering and heating engineering; Heat and power engineering and equipment;

#520: Isotope separation technology & nuclear fuel

Isotope separation technology & nuclear fuel;

#521: Refrigerating, cryogenic engineering & life support systems

Refrigerating, cryogenic engineering and life support systems; Refrigeration, cryogenics and life support systems;

#522: Power engineering & electrotechnology

Power engineering & electrotechnology; Power systems engineering; Electrical engineering; Electricity; Electrical power engineering and equipment; Electromagnetic systems; Electrical engineering: fields, waves & electromagnetic systems;

#523: Power-plant engineering

Power-plant engineering; Power plant engineering; Power machinery;

#524: Nuclear power & thermal physics

Nuclear power & thermal physics; Nuclear power and thermal physics; Nuclear engineering; Nuclear power plants: design; Exploitation and engineering; Nuclear & radiation engineering; Nuclear and radiation engineering; Radiation physics; Thermal physics;

#525: Process engineering

Process engineering; Technology processes and productions automation; Automation of technological processes and production;

#526: Innovation

Innovation; Innovatics;

#527: Mechatronics & robotics

Mechatronics & robotics; Mechatronics; Robotics; Robots and robotic systems; Artificial intelligence; Systems engineering; Control system; Technical cybernetics; Adaptive system; Ergonomics; Cybernetic control; Economic cybernetics;

#528: Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology; Nanoengineering; Nanotechnology and microsystems engineering; Nanomaterials;

#529: Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering; Aeronautical engineering; Aerospace engineering concentration; Atmospheric flight; Aerospace engineering:atmospheric flight; Space flight; Space sciences;

#530: Bioengineering

Bioengineering; Biotechnology; Biotechnical systems and technologies; Cell and biomolecular engineering; Biotechnical systems and technology; Biomechanical engineering;

#531: Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering; Chemical technology;

#532: Civil engineering

Civil engineering; Civil constructing engineering;

#533: Computer engineering

Computer engineering; Computer systems technology; Computer systems engineering;

#534: Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering;

#535: Manufacturing engineering

Manufacturing engineering;

#536: Petroleum engineering

Petroleum engineering;

#538: Systems engineering

Systems engineering; Thermal/fluid systems engineering; Thermal system engineering; Fluid system engineering;

#539: Optical engineering

Optical engineering; Laser equipment and laser technology; Electronic and opto-electronic devices and systems of special purpose;

#540: Operations Research

Operations research; Operational research;

#541: Energetics

Energetics; Energy systems; Energy science; Energy studies; Energy technologies; Energy technology; Renewable energy; Energy systems & renewable energy; Energy systems and renewable energy;

#542: Hydrology & hydraulics

Hydrology & hydraulics; Water; Hydrology engineering; Water resources engineering; Hydraulic engineering and hydrology;

#543: Agricultural engineering

Agricultural engineering; Biosystems engineering; Agro-engineering; Technology of production and processing of agroproducts;

#544: Biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering; Biomedical technology; Biomedical science; Biomedical imaging and instrumentation; Biomedical sciences;

#546: Welding engineering

Welding engineering;

#547: Product engineering

Product engineering;

#549: Technology & Engineering

Technology & engineering; Engineering; Engineering science; Engineering Sciences;

#1856: Geotechnical engineering

Geotechnical engineering; Geotechnics; Geosystems engineering;

#1873: Food engineering

Food engineering; Food industry; Technological machines and equipment for food production; Equipment for production; Equipment for meat industry; Machines and equipment for food production; Food engineering of small enterprises; Bakery products; Production of bread; Production of dairy products; Technological processes; Milk production; Sugar industry; Technology of the sugar industry; Processes and equipment for food production; Food products of vegetable resources; Food products of animal origin;

#1209: Oil & gas engineering

Oil & gas engineering; Oil and gas engineering; Oil and gas business; Physical processes of mining or oil and gas production;

#501: Material science & material technology

Material science & material technology; Materials engineering;

#502: Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering; Mechanical engineering:dynamics and control;

#503: Metallurgy

Metallurgy; Extractive metallurgy;

#504: Applied mechanics

Applied mechanics;

#505: Technological machines & equipment

Technological machines & equipment;

#507: Instrumentation engineering

Instrumentation engineering;

#508: Photonics & optical informatics

Photonics & optical informatics; Photonics and optical informatics; Photonics and optoinformatics;

#510: Certification & standardization

Certification & standardization; Certification and standardization; Standardization and metrology;

#511: Quality control

Quality control; Quality management;

Economics & Finance

#1858: Financial statement

Financial statement; International financial reporting standards; International financial report standards;

#601: Accounting

Accounting; Accounting; Analysis; Audit; Accountancy; Professional accounting;

#602: Banking

Banking; Banking business; International banking;

#603: Finance

Finance; Financial services; Quantitative finance; State and municipal finances; Finance and credit; Public finance;

#604: Financial management

Financial management;

#605: Financial planning

Financial planning;

#606: Forensic accounting

Forensic accounting;

#607: Taxation

Taxation; Fiscal science;

#608: Economic security

Economic security;

#609: Economics

Economics; Economic theory; Global economy; National economy; Business economy; Labor economics; Business economics; Quantitative economics; International economy; World economy; Economic studies;

#610: Applied economics

Applied economics;

#611: Applied finance

Applied finance;

Business & Management

#1536: Family & consumer sciences

Family and consumer sciences; Home economics education; Families & personal Relationships; Families and personal relationships; Human sciences; Home economics; Human ecology; Consumer science; Food preparation; Parenting; Family economics and resource management; Human development; Family & consumer sciences; Home economics teacher education; Family business management; Human development and family sciences; Human development & family sciences;

#1848: Sports management

Sports management; Sport management;

#1854: Technology management

Technology management;

#1859: Brand management;

Brand management; Brand-management;

#700: Business

Business; General business; Global business;

#701: Business communications

Business communications; Corporate communication;

#702: Construction management

Construction management;

#703: Customer service

Customer service;

#704: Commerce

Commerce; Commerce; E-commerce;

#705: Area studies

Area studies; Regional studies; Foreign area studies; Russian area studies;

#706: Property management & valuation

Property management & valuation; Property management & real estate;

#707: Logistics

Logistics; E-logistics;

#708: Restaurant management

Restaurant management;

#709: State & municipal management

State & municipal management; State and municipal management; Public and municipal administration; Public administration; Municipal administration;

#710: Project management

Project management;

#711: Nonprofit management

Nonprofit management;

#712: Marketing

Marketing; Marketing; Integrated marketing communications; Strategic marketing;

#713: Leadership


#714: Labor relations

Labor relations; Industrial relations;

#715: International business

International business;

#716: Insurance & risk management

Insurance & risk management;

#717: Industrial management

Industrial management;

#718: Human Resources management

Human resources management; Personnel policy and consulting; Staff planning and marketing; Strategic human resource management;

#719: Hospitality management

Hospitality management;

#720: Entrepreneurship


#721: Anticrisis management

Anticrisis management;

#722: Business administration

Business administration; Office administration; Office work; Office correspondence;

#723: Business management

Business management; General Business Management;

#724: International relations

International relations; International relations; International affairs; Globalization; Global studies; International studies;

#725: International trade

Trade; International trade;

#726: Information systems management

Information systems management; Management information systems;

#727: Event management

Event management;

#728: Internet marketing

Internet marketing;

#729: Emergency management

Emergency management;

#730: Data entry

Data entry;

#731: Contracts management

Contracts management;

#732: Management

Management; Management; Telecommunication management; Resort management; Transportation management; Travel management; Tourism management; Engineering management; Management sciences; Management studies; Facilities management;

#733: Merchandising


#734: Security management

Security management;

#735: Small business management

Small business management;

#736: Business analytics

Business analytics;

#738: Retail & sales

Retail & sales;

#739: Organizational behavior

Organizational behavior;

#740: Actuarial Studies

Actuarial studies; Actuarial science;

#741: Strategic management

Strategic management;

#742: Investment science

Investment science;

#743: Supply chain management

Supply chain management;

#744: Operations management

Operations management;

#745: Agricultural management

Agricultural management; Agrarian management;

Information technology

#801: Computer architecture & operation systems

Computer architecture & operation systems; Architectural computing; Computer architecture & embedded systems; Computer architecture and embedded systems;

#802: Computer science

Computer science; Computer sciences;

#803: Database

Database; Database management;

#805: Information & communication technologies

Computer technology; Information science; Information systems; Information technologies; Information systems courses; Information technology; Communication technology; Communication engineering; Communications systems; Information and communication technologies; Information and communication systems; Information systems and technologies; Information systems and technology; Computer systems technology; Computer information systems; Fundamental informatics and IT; Fundamental computer science and information technology; Signal processing; Information and communication technology and communication systems; Information and communication technology and communication systems;

#806: Information systems security

Information systems security; Computer security;

#807: Computer network

Computer network; Networking; Computer networking; Network administration; Internet technologies; Web science; Internet science;

#809: Technical management

Technical management;

#810: Technical support & repair

Technical support & repair;

#811: Technical writing

Technical writing;

#812: Technology education

Technology education;

#813: Testing & certification

Testing & certification;

#814: Video game development

Video game development; Game development;

#816: Computational technology

Computational technology; Computational science; Computing; Advanced computing; Computation;

#817: Applied computer science

Applied computer science; Applied informatics;

#819: Software engineering

Software engineering; Software; Software science;

#820: Computer applications

Computer applications;

#821: Computer programming

Computer programming;

#822: System administration

System administration;

Medicine & Nursing

#1855: Neuroscience

Neuroscience; Nervous system; Neurobiology; Neuroscience and behavior;

#1864: Infectious disease

Infectious disease;

#1865: Orthopedics

Orthopedics; Orthopedic surgery; Orthopedy;

#1866: Traumatology

Traumatology; Accident surgery; Trauma surgery;

#1867: Dermatology

Dermatology; Dermatologist; Dermatovenereologist; Dermatologist-cosmetologist; Dermatology and venereology; Skin and venereal diseases; Cosmetic dermatology;

#1868: Forensic medical examination

Forensic medical examination;

#114: Food & beverage studies

Food & beverage studies; Food science; Food safety;

#903: Anatomy, physiology & pathology

Anatomy; Pathology; Physiology; Anatomy, physiology & pathology; Human biology;

#904: Pharmacology & toxicology

Pharmacology & toxicology; Pharmaceutics;

#905: Complementary medicine

Complementary medicine; Chiropractic; Chiropractic science;

#906: Ophthalmics

Ophthalmics; Optical sciences; Optometry; Pre-optometry;

#907: Aural & oral sciences

Aural & oral sciences; Audiology; Surdology;

#908: Paramedic

Paramedic; Acute care; Ambulance;

#909: Gerontology


#910: Health care administration

Health care administration; Health administration; Hospital administration; Healthcare office administration; Healthcare management;

#912: Medical & dental assistant

Medical & dental assistant; Physician assistant;

#913: Medical laboratory science

Medical laboratory science; Medical laboratory scientist; Medical technologist; Medical laboratory technologist; Medical laboratory technician; Clinical laboratory diagnostics; Medical testing; Clinical scientist; Clinical laboratory technologist; Clinical laboratory science; Diagnostic testing; Medical technology; Health technology; Laboratory;

#914: Nursing

Nursing; Nursing assistance; Nurse practitioner; Nursing practice; Nursing care;

#915: Nutrition & dietetics

Nutrition & dietetics; Nutrition; Dietetics; Nutritional sciences; International nutrition;

#916: Midwifery


#917: Physical therapy

Physical therapy; Physiotherapy;

#919: Psychology & mental health

Psychology & mental health; Psychiatry;

#920: Public health

Public health;

#921: Radiologic science

Radiologic science; Radiology; Radiography;

#922: Therapy

Therapy; Respiratory therapy; Art therapy; Rehabilitation therapy;

#923: Sport science

Sport science; Sports and fitness; Sport and leisure; Exercise science; Health promotion;

#924: Surgery


#925: Medical business

Medical business;

#926: Medical biophysics

Medical biophysics;

#927: Medical biochemistry

Medical biochemistry;

#928: Medical cybernetics

Medical cybernetics; Biomedical cybernetics; Neural systems and computation

neural systems & computation; Bionics; Exobiology; Biological cybernetics; Psychological cybernetics;

#929: Pediatrics


#930: Stomatology

Stomatology; Dental hygiene; Pre-optometry; Dental medicine; Dentistry;

#931: Health & medical sciences

Health & medical sciences; Health and medical sciences; Medicine; Health; Medical science; Medical sciences; Health studies; Health sciences; Clinical medicine; Pre-clinical medicine; Practical medicine; History of medicine; History of medical sciences;

#932: Anesthesiology


#934: Cosmetology

Cosmetology; Cosmetology and facial treatment; Skin care;

#935: Elderly сare

Elderly сare;

#936: Kinesiology

Kinesiology; Movement science; Human movement; Applied movement science;

#938: Massage therapy

Massage therapy;

#939: Speech pathology

Speech pathology; Logopedics; Speech therapy; Speech-language pathology; Orthophony;

#940: Pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutics; Pharmacy;

#941: Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy;

Aviation & Transportation

#1024: Service of transport, technological machinery & equipment

Service of transport, technological machinery & equipment;

#1025: Organization & management of transport

Organization & management of transport;

#1026: Technical exploitation of aviation & space technology

Technical exploitation of aviation & space technology; Technical exploitation of aviation and space technology; Technical exploitation of aircraft electrical systems; Flight control and navigation systems; Technical exploitation and navigation systems of combat aircraft; Technical exploitation of aircraft and engines; Maintenance of transport radio devices, trial of aircraft; Technical exploitation and testing of aviation and space technology; Engineering operation of flying machines and engines; Technical operation of aircraft electric systems and aviation systems;

#1027: Exploitation of water transport & transport equipment

Exploitation of water transport & transport equipment;

#1028: Traffic organization & safety

Traffic organization & safety; Safety management;

#1001: Land vehicles

Land vehicles; Automotive; Over-ground transport technological means; Over-ground transport technological complexes; Transportation;

#1002: System for train traffic

System for train traffic;

#1003: Transport process technology

Transport process technology; Technology of transport processes;

#1004: Special-purpose vehicles

Special-purpose vehicles;

#1005: Exploitation of transport & technological machines & complexes

Exploitation of transport & technological machines & complexes; Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes; Exploitation of transport and technological machines & systems; Exploitation of transport and technological machines and complexes;

#1006: Aircraft engineering

Aircraft engineering; Aircraft and helicopter; Aviation;

#1007: Aircraft navigation

Aircraft navigation; Air navigation;

#1008: Ballistics & hydroaerodynamics

Ballistics & hydroaerodynamics;

#1009: Aircraft engines

Aircraft engines;

#1010: Integrated systems of aircraft

Integrated systems of aircraft;

#1011: Rocket & space technology

Rockets; Space technology; Rocket and space technology; Rocket design; Rockets manufacture; Space systems; Rocket systems; Exploitation of rockets; Exploitation of space systems;

#1013: Traffic control systems & navigation

Traffic control systems & navigation; Air traffic control;

#1014: Airport operation & aircraft navigation support

Airport operation & aircraft navigation support; Airport operation and aircraft navigation support; Airport exploitation & maintenance of aircraft;

#1015: Aircraft exploitation & air traffic management

Aircraft exploitation & air traffic management;

#1016: Shipboard weapons

Shipboard weapons;

#1017: Naval architecture & Marine engineering

Naval architecture & marine engineering; Naval architecture and marine engineering; Shipbuilding; Ocean engineering; Systems engineering of marine infrastructure; Shipbuilding, ocean engineering & systems engineering of marine infrastructure; Marine infrastructure engineering; Marine technology;

#1018: Application & operation of technical systems of surface ships & submarines

Application & operation of technical systems of surface ships & submarines;

#1019: Construction, repair & search & rescue support surface ships & submarines

Construction, repair & search & rescue support surface ships & submarines;

#1020: Ship & water transport hydrographic navigation

Ship & water transport hydrographic navigation; Ship and water transport hydrographic navigation; Management of waterways for navigation & hydrographic;

#1021: Exploitation of marine electrical & automation

Exploitation of marine electrical & automation;

#1022: Operation of ship power plants

Operation of ship power plants;

#1023: Railway rolling stock

Railway rolling stock; Rolling stock;

Languages & Philology

#1537: German language

German language; German language education; German language teacher education; Germanic languages & literatures; German literature;

#1538: French language

French language; French language education; French language teacher education; Teaching french;

#1542: Latin language

Latin language; Latin; Latin education; Latin teacher education; Teaching latin;

#1550: Spanish language

Spanish language; Spanish language education; Spanish language teacher education; Hispanic studies; Spanish language & literature;

#1552: Korean language

Korean language; Korean language education; Korean language teacher education;

#1553: Russian language

Russian language; Russian language education; Russian and literature teacher education; Russian and literature; Russian literature;

#1556: English language

English; English language; English language education; Intensive english; English/language arts education; English arts education; English/language arts teacher education; English arts teacher education; English teacher education; English teacher education; English language teacher education;

#1557: Chinese language

Chinese language; Chinese language education; Chinese language teacher education;

#1558: Italian language

Italian language; Italian language education; Italian language teacher education; Italian studies; Italian literature;

#1559: Japanese language

Japanese language; Japanese language education; Japanese language teacher education;

#1101: Philology


#1871: Portuguese language

Portuguese language; Portuguese language education; Portuguese language teacher education; Portuguese studies; Portuguese;

#1105: General & comparative literature

Literature; Literatures; General literature; Comparative literature; General & comparative literature; World literatures; Comparative cultural studies; Global or world literature; Novel; Poem; Drama; Short story; Novella; Comedy; Drama; Epic; Nonsense; Lyric; Mythopoeia; Romance; Satire; Tragedy; Tragicomedy;

#1106: Translation & interpretation

Translation & interpretation; Translation and interpretation; Translation and interpreting; Translation and Interpreting; English Translation and Interpreting;

#1107: Fundamental & applied linguistics

Linguistics; Fundamental & applied linguistics; Fundamental and applied linguistics;

#1875: Francophone studies

Francophone studies; French studies;

#1108: Asian & Oriental studies

Asian & oriental studies; Asian and oriental studies; Asian studies; Asian cultures; Asian cultures and languages; Asia-pacific studies; Asia-pacific security; Pacific studies;

#1876: Italian studies

Italian studies; Italian cultural studies;

#1109: Literature of the old testament

Literature of the old testament;

#1877: Greek studies

Greek studies; Modern greek studies;

#1110: South Asian studies

South asian studies; Indology; Hindi/Urdu; Hindi; Urdu; Malayalam; Sanskrit; Indic studies; Indian studies; Dravidian studies; Tamil; Tamilology; Tibetology;

#1111: Classical philology

Classical philology; Classical studies; Classics; Classical civilization; Hellenism; Latin studies; Latin philology; Ancient greek; Ancient studies;

#1112: Etruscology


#1113: Medieval literature

Medieval literature; Medieval and renaissance studies;

#1114: Byzantine studies

Byzantine studies;

#1115: Modern philology

Modern philology; Modern languages;

#1116: Anglistics (including american studies)

Anglistics (including american studies); English studies;

#1117: Balkan


#1118: Baltic studies

Baltic studies;

#1119: Germanic

Germanic; German studies;

#1120: Caucasus studies

Caucasus studies; Armenology; Kartvelian studies; Kartvelology; Georgian studies;

#1121: Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic studies

Anglo-saxon, norse & celtic studies; Celtic studies; Celtology; Celtic languages & literatures;

#1122: Romance philology

Romance philology; Romance studies;

#1123: Slavic studies

Slavic; Slavic studies; Slavonic studies; Slavistics; Slavic language and culture;

#1124: Scandinavian studies

Scandinavian studies;

#1125: Finno-ugric studies

Finno-ugric studies;

#1126: Southeast Asian studies

Southeast asian studies; Philology of south-east asia; Southeast asian studies; Filipinology; Philippine studies; Thai studies; Malay studies;

#1127: East Asian studies

East asian studies; East Asian languages; Sinology; East studies; Chinese studies; China Studies; Global China Studies; Japanese studies; Japanology; Japan studies; Okinawan studies; Korean studies; Koreanology; Far East studies; Taiwan studies; Mongology;

#1128: Middle Eastern studies

Middle eastern studies; Middle East studies; Middle Eastern languages; Near Eastern studies; Philology of ancient languages in the middle east; Modern middle east studies; Jewish studies; Judaic studies; Jews; Judaism; Ancient Judaism; Iranian studies; Persian studies; Egyptology; Turkey; Israel; Lebanon; Palestine; Jordan; Egypt; Somalia; Iraq; Persian studies; Afghanistan; Syria; Saudi Arabia;

#1129: African studies

African studies; Ethiopian studies; African diaspora studies; African & african american studies;

#1130: Central Asian studies

Central asian studies; Turkology; Turcology; Turkologie;

#1131: Semitic studies

Semitic studies; Semitology; Assyriology; Hebraic studies; Hebrew studies; Syriac studies;

#1132: Arabic & Islamic studies

Arabic; Islamic studies; Arabic studies; Arabic & islamic studies; Arab world studies; Arabic language;

#1133: Philology of Australia & Oceania

Philology of australia & oceania;

#1142: American studies

American studies; Philology of aztecs; Philology of mayas; Philology of incas; Philology of huastec; Philology of chichimecs;

#1143: Latin american studies

Latin american studies; Mexican American studies; Latin American and Caribbean studies;

#1145: European Studies

European studies; East european studies; Eastern european studies; Central Europe;

#1514: Greek language

Greek language; Greek language education; Greek language teacher education;

Natural sciences

#1849: Geobiology

Geobiology; Geobiology;

#1850: Geochemistry


#1201: Biology

Biology; Marine biology; Biological science; Biological sciences; Biological studies; Biological systems; Biology:marine & freshwater biology;

#1202: Cartography


#1203: Biochemistry


#1204: Microbiology

Microbiology; Cell biology; Molecular biology; Cytology; Histology; Cell & molecular biology; Microbiology & infectious diseases; Cellular biology;

#1206: Photogrammetry & remote sensing

Photogrammetry & remote sensing;

#1208: Geodesy & land management

Geodesy & land management; Surveying engineering; Surveying;

#1210: Applied geology

Applied geology; Hydrogeology; Geohydrology;

#1211: Geological exploration technology

Geological exploration technology;

#1212: Bioengineering & bioinformatics

Bioengineering & bioinformatics; Computational biology; Systems biology; Computational and systems biology; Systems & synthetic biology; Systems and synthetic biology; Biological engineering;

#1213: Geography

Geography; Geographical sciences;

#1214: Geology

Geology; Geological sciences; General geology;

#1215: Hydrometeorology


#1216: Cartography & geoinformatics

Cartography & geoinformatics; Cartography and geoinformatics; Geomatic engineering and planning;

#1217: Genetics


#1218: Fundamental & applied chemistry

Chemistry; Fundamental & applied chemistry; Chemical sciences; Chemical studies; Inorganic chemistry;

#1219: Chemistry, physics and material mechanics

Chemistry, physics and material mechanics; Chemistry, physics & mechanics of materials;

#1222: Biophysics


#1223: Mining


#1224: Marine Science

Marine science; Coastal and marine science;

#1225: Applied biology

Applied biology; Evolutionary biology; Biology: evolution; Evolutionary biology of human species;

#1226: Life sciences

Life sciences;

Liberal arts

#1301: Library science

Library science; Library and information activities;

#1302: Philosophy

Philosophy; Practical philosophy;

#1303: Writing

Writing; Rhetoric & writing;

#1304: Divinity & theology

Divinity & theology; Theological studies; Theology;

#1305: Religious studies

Religion; Religions; Religious studies; Biblical studies; New testament;

#1306: Politics

Politics; Policy studies; Political science; Political sciences;

#1307: Sociology

Sociology; Society; Applied sociology;

#1308: Social policy

Social policy;

#1309: Social work

Social work; Youth outreach management; Human services; Youth and community studies; Youth and community studies; Youth and social services; Community studies;

#1310: Anthropology & ethnology

Anthropology; Ethnology; Anthropology and ethnology; Social anthropology; Ethnicity, race and migration; Ethnic studies; Ethnicity and race studies;

#1311: Human & social geography

Human & social geography;

#1312: History

History; Ancient history; Modern history; Mediaeval history;

#1313: Psychology


#1314: Document studies & archives

Document studies & archives; Document studies and archives; Documentology & archivistics; Archival Science;

#1315: Conflictology

Conflictology; Conflict resolution studies; Conflict resolution and mediation;

#1316: Cultures

Culture; Cultures; Cultural studies; Intercultural communication; Cultural history;

#1317: Applied ethics

Applied ethics;

#1318: Athletic training

Athletic training; Physical culture; Physical culture and sports; Physical training;

#1319: Physical training for physically challenged

Physical training for physically challenged; Physical education for people with disabilities in the state of health; Adaptive physical education;

#1320: Social studies

Social studies; Social science; Social sciences;

#1321: Behavioural sciences

Behavioural sciences;

#1322: Archeology

Archeology; Archaeology; Archaeological practice; Archaeological studies; Classical archaeology;

#1323: Sustainable development

Sustainable development; Sustainability;

#1324: Women's studies

Women's studies; Feminist studies; Women's & gender studies; Studies of women, gender, & sexuality; Studies of women; Women's and gender studies;

#1852: Unknown

Unknown; Unknown; ?;

#1872: Humanities

Humanities; Humanities studies; Humanities science;

#1874: History of Science

History of science; History and philosophy of science;


#1401: Vocal art & performance

Vocal art & performance; Vocal art and performance; Vocal art; Folk vocal arts; Voice & opera; Singing; Voice;

#1402: Conducting

Conducting; Conducting opera and symphony orchestra; Conducting academic choir; Conducting a national choir conducting military brass band; Choral conducting;

#1403: Instrumental performance

Instrumental performance; Instrumental performance: piano; Instrumental performance: organ; Instrumental performance: orchestral stringed instruments; Instrumental performance: orchestral wind and percussion instruments; Instrumental performance: orchestral folk instruments; Musical and instrumental art; Musical instrumental arts; Instrumental performance: harpsichord; Instrumental performance: harp; Instrumental performance: euphonium; Instrumental performance: guitar; Instrumental performance: saxophone; Jazz performance; Instrumental performance: double bass; Instrumental performance: drum set; Instrumental performance: trombone; Instrumental performance: trumpet; Instrumental performance: vibraphone;

#1404: Composition

Composition; Jazz composition;

#1405: Musical sound & sound recording

Musical sound & sound recording; Recording technology;

#1407: Musical-theatrical art

Musical-theatrical art; Music & performing arts;

#1409: Music

Music; Musicology, music and crafts; Music technology; Music theory; Theory of music; Music studies; Music science; Musical instrumental arts;

#1410: Artistic director of the opera & symphony orchestra & chorus of the academic

Artistic director of the opera & symphony orchestra & chorus of the academic;

#1411: Audio & Acoustics

Audio & acoustics; Audio acoustics; Audio production; Digital audio systems; Sound design;

Education & Teaching

#1539: teaching geography

Teaching geography; Teaching geography; Geography education; Geography teacher education;

#1540: Teaching medicine science

Teaching medicine science; Teaching medicine science; Medicine education; Health occupations teacher education; Health teacher education; Health education;

#1541: Teaching history

History education; History teacher education;

#1543: Teaching Mathematics

Teaching Mathematics; Mathematics education; Math; Mathematics teacher education;

#1544: Teaching music

Teaching music; Music education; Music teacher education;

#1545: Teaching Physics

Physics education; Physics teacher education;

#1546: Reading & literacy education

Reading & literacy education; Reading and literacy teacher education;

#1547: School librarian

School librarian;

#1549: Teaching social science

Teaching social science; Social science education; Social studies teacher education; Social science teacher education;

#1551: Speech education

Speech education; Speech teacher education;

#1554: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Teaching english to speakers of other languages (tesol/esl); English language learning (ELL); English as a second language (ESL); Bilingual education; English for nonnative speakers;

#1555: Counselling

Counselling; Consulting;

#1845: Technique of teaching

Technique of teaching; Teaching methods & techniques;

#1861: Curatorship

Curatorship; Art curatorship;

#1102: Teaching foreign languages & cultures

Teaching foreign languages & cultures; Theory & methods of teaching foreign languages & cultures; Foreign language education; Foreign language teacher education; Languages; Language studies;

#1501: Assessment & evaluation

Assessment & evaluation;

#1502: Child development

Child development;

#1503: Curriculum design

Curriculum design;

#1504: Early childhood education

Early childhood education; Elementary education; Kindergarten education; Preschool education;

#1505: Educational leadership

Educational leadership; School leadership;

#1506: Higher education

Higher education; Post-secondary education;

#1507: K 12 education

K 12 education;

#1508: Teaching Physical education

Teaching physical education; Physical education teaching; Physical education teacher; Physical education; PE;

#1509: Educational technology

Educational technology; EdTech;

#1510: Educational administration

Educational administration;

#1511: Adult education

Adult education; Adult teacher education;

#1512: Corporate training

Corporate training;

#1513: Vocational education (by industry)

Vocational education (by industry); Continuing education; Professional education; Professional education (with specializations);

#1515: Special (defectological) education

Special (defectological) education; Education/teaching of individuals in early childhood special education programs; Education/teaching of individuals in elementary special education programs; Education/teaching of individuals in junior high/middle school special education programs; Education/teaching of individuals in secondary special education programs; Education/teaching of individuals who are developmentally delayed; Generic special education; Special (speech pathology) education;

#1516: Teacher education

Teaching; Education; Teacher education; Education; Psychological and pedagogical education; Educational psychology; School counseling and educational psychology; Pedagogical sciences; Teacher training; Educator; Pedagogical education; Education studies;

#1517: Teaching ecology

Teaching ecology; Ecology teacher education; Earth science teacher education; Environmental education; Ecology education;

#1518: Gifted education

Gifted education;

#1519: Teaching religion

Teaching religion; Religious education; Religious teacher education;

#1520: Primary education

Primary education;

#1521: Secondary education

Secondary education; Middle level education; High school education; Secondary teaching;

#1522: Teaching science

Teaching science; Teaching science; Science education; General science teacher education; Science teacher education;

#1523: Teaching labour

Teaching labour; Teaching labour lesson; Teaching labor; Technical teacher education; Manual training; Hand and eye training; Technology teacher education; Industrial arts teacher education;

#1526: Teaching psychology

Teaching psychology; Psychology education; Psychology teacher education;

#1527: Pedagogy & psychology of deviant behavior

Pedagogy & psychology of deviant behavior;

#1528: Agricultural education

Agricultural education; Agricultural teacher education;

#1529: Teaching Art

Teaching art; Teaching art; Art education; Teaching Art; Art teacher education;

#1530: Teaching biology

Teaching biology; Teaching biology; Biology teacher education; Biology education;

#1531: Business education

Business education; Business teacher education;

#1532: Teaching chemistry

Teaching chemistry; Teaching chemistry; Chemistry education; Chemistry teacher education;

#1533: Teaching informatics

Teaching informatics; Teaching informatics; Teaching computer science; Computer teacher education; Informatics teacher education; Computer education;

#1534: Teaching Drama & Dance

Teaching drama & dance; Teaching drama & dance; Drama & dance education; Drama & dance teacher education;

#1535: Driver & safety education

Driver & safety education; Driving instruction and basics of vital functions safety; Health, wellness and safety; Principles of personal and social safety; Basics of personal and social safety; Basic of vital functions safety; Basics of vital functions safety; Basic of vital activity security

basics of vital activity security; Basic safety; Health and Wellness; Life safety fundamentals; Fundamentals of vital activity safety; Fundamentals of Health and Safety; Safety management in emergencies; Teaching driving and safety education; Driver and safety education; Driver and safety teacher education;

Service sector & Culinary arts

#1601: Hospitality industry

Hospitality; Hospitality industry; Hotel business; Hotel; Lodging; Restaurants; Event planning; Theme parks;

#1602: Service


#1603: Commodity research

Commodity research;

#1604: Trading business

Trading business;

#1605: Tourism

Tourism; Travel agents; Tour operators; Technology and organization of tour services; Travel agent services;

#1606: Sport & recreation tourism

Sport & recreation tourism; Recreation and sports tourism; Organization of sports and recreational activities; Sport and leisure studies;

#1607: Baking & pastry

Baking & pastry;

#1608: Catering

Catering; Food service; Production technology and organization of catering;

#1609: Culinary arts

Culinary arts; Culinary; Chef training;

#1610: Photography


#1611: Housekeeping

Housekeeping; House manager; Servant;

#1612: Barbering & hair styling

Barbering & hair styling;

#1613: Transport service

Transport service; Flight service; Flight attendants; Cruise line;

#1614: Funeral service, mortuary science & embalming

Funeral service, mortuary science & embalming;

#1615: Bartending


#1616: Stylistics & makeup

Stylistics & makeup; Stylistics and makeup; Cosmetics and makeup; Style;

#1617: Nail art & tattooing

Nail art & tattooing;

Physics & Mathematics

#1701: Astronomy

Astronomy; Astrophysics;

#1702: Mathematics

Mathematics; Mathematical sciences; Pure mathematics;

#1703: Geophysics


#1704: Software and administration of information systems

Software and administration of information systems; Mathematical software and information systems administration;

#1706: Applied physics

Applied physics; Medical physics; Technical physics;

#1707: Radiophysics

Radiophysics; Radio physics;

#1708: Physics

Physics; Physics of the Earth and other planets; Physics condensed condition of substance; Nuclear physics and particles; Physics kinetic phenomena; Biochemical physics; Nonlinear physics of open systems; Charged particle beam physics and accelerator technology; Physical science; Physical sciences;

#1709: Statistics


#1710: Applied mathematics & mechanics

Applied mathematics & mechanics; Mechanics and mathematical modeling;

#1711: Applied mathematics

Applied mathematics; 231300;

#1712: Data analysis

Data analysis;

#1713: Population & demographic studies

Population & demographic studies;

#1714: Survey methodology

Survey methodology;

#1715: Earth science

Earth science; Planet earth; Earth; Atmospheric and planetary sciences; Earth and planetary sciences;

Jurisprudence & Political Science

#1801: General theory of state & law

General theory of state & law;

#1803: History of state & law

History of state & law; History of political and legal doctrines;

#1804: Constitutional rights

Constitutional rights;

#1805: Administrative law

Administrative law;

#1806: Civil law

Civil law; Civil process;

#1807: Tax law

Tax law;

#1808: Land law

Land law;

#1809: Labor law

Labor law;

#1810: Financial law

Financial law;

#1811: Criminal law

Criminal law; Criminal process; Criminal justice;

#1814: Roman law

Roman law;

#1815: Criminology

Criminology; Crime scene and forensics;

#1816: Judiciary


#1817: International law

International law;

#1818: Public law

Public law;

#1819: Private law

Private law;

#1820: Court reporting

Court reporting;

#1822: Homeland security

Homeland security; Legal support of national security;

#1823: Investigation & examination of traffic accidents

Investigation & examination of traffic accidents; Investigation and expertise of traffic accidents;

#1824: Paralegal & legal services

Paralegal & legal services; Paralegal studies; Legal studies;

#1825: Public safety

Public safety;

#1826: Security & loss prevention

Security & loss prevention;

#1828: Law enforcement activity

Law enforcement activity; Law enforcement;

#1829: Forensic inquiry

Forensic inquiry; Forensics; Forensic expertise;

#1830: Customs affairs

Customs affairs;

#1831: Fire safety

Fire safety; Expert; Supervisory; Inspection and audit activities;

#1832: Technosphere safety

Technosphere safety; Technological sphere safety;

#1833: Communications law

Communications law;

#1834: Law & public policy

Law; Public policy; Law and public policy; Public policy and law;

#1835: Securities law

Securities law;

#1837: Intellectual property

Intellectual property;

#1838: Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence; Law; Laws;

#1839: Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering; Water resources management; Environmental planning and water resources management; Environmental engineering and water consumption; Resource and environmental management; Environmental management; Resource management;

#1840: Applied hydrometeorology

Applied hydrometeorology;

#1841: Human rights

Human rights;

#1842: Family law

Family law;

#1843: Health, wellness & safety

Health, wellness & safety;

#1844: Commercial law

Commercial law; Business law;

#1870: Government

Government; Government studies; Government science; A study of government; Governmental studies;