General information about Al Qurayn
CountrySaudi Arabia
Region Eastern Province 06
Time ZoneAsia/Riyadh
Coordinates of Al Qurayn
Time ZoneAsia/Riyadh
GMT +3
DST +3
Elevation (STRM3)140 m.
Location on map - Al Qurayn

Weather, climate, temperature by months in Al Qurayn

Average temperature°C33282217141721263235373626
Average precipitationMm.0151113112113300078
Relative humidity%47535963686255504032354050
Wind speedKm/h13131213161617171719161615
Day LengthHours13121111111212121414141312
Dew point°C2018141089121517151920177
Growing degree-day°C6875643662051301873474866857358288036022
Solar radiation, globalMj/m224201512131719232629272621
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Al Qurayn - Closest airports

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Cities close to Al Qurayn

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CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
164 km Saudi ArabiaAr RiyāḑRiyadh4,205,961456 USD7.34.88.9
619 km Saudi ArabiaMakkahJeddah2,867,446447 USD6.25.07.7
308 km Saudi ArabiaAl-QassimBuraydah391,336
92 km Saudi ArabiaEastern ProvinceAl Jubayl237,2749.05.99.0
546 km Saudi ArabiaAl Madīnah al MunawwarahMedina1,300,000
718 km Saudi ArabiaTabukTabuk455,450
63 km Saudi ArabiaEastern ProvinceDammam768,602481 USD7.38.28.2
7 km Saudi ArabiaEastern ProvinceAl Hufuf293,179
58 km Saudi ArabiaEastern ProvinceKhobar165,799466 USD4.79.74.2
56 km Saudi ArabiaEastern ProvinceDhahran99,540