General information about Thanh Pho Ha Long
CountrySocialist Republic of Vietnam
Region Quảng Ninh 30
Time ZoneAsia/Ho_Chi_Minh
Coordinates of Thanh Pho Ha Long
Time ZoneAsia/Ho_Chi_Minh
GMT +7
DST +7
Elevation (STRM3)8 m.

Weather, climate, temperature by months in Thanh Pho Ha Long

Record high°C37363330313435364138383941
Average high°C30302522202021263031313126
Average temperature°C26252118161718232628282823
Average low°C23211815131416202325252520
Record low°C16158667810162021206
Average precipitationMm.3001205020204040802002302903301720
Relative humidity%87808379788690918786868885
Day LengthHours13121211111212131414141313
Dew point°C252118151215172124262626246
Growing degree-day°C5174913582762152042844005255585775684974
Solar radiation, globalMj/m21514131191012131616161613
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Location on map - Ha Long

Location on map - Ha Long

Thanh Pho Ha Long - Closest airports

Cities close to Thanh Pho Ha Long

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CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
608 km Socialist Republic of VietnamHo Chi Minh CityHo Chi Minh City3,467,331469 USD3.95.15.5
69 km Socialist Republic of VietnamHa NộiHanoi1,431,270458 USD7.97.58.1
300 km Socialist Republic of VietnamĐà NẵngDa Nang752,493
22 km Socialist Republic of VietnamHải PhòngHaiphong602,695
60 km Socialist Republic of VietnamHưng YênHung Yen40,273
79 km Socialist Republic of VietnamThái NguyênThanh Pho Thai Nguyen133,877
41 km Socialist Republic of VietnamHải DươngThanh Pho Hai Duong58,030
659 km Socialist Republic of VietnamCần ThơCan Tho259,598
210 km Socialist Republic of VietnamQuảng BìnhDong Hoi31,040
536 km Socialist Republic of VietnamKhánh HòaNha Trang283,441