General information about Pale
CountryEquatorial Guinea
Region Annobon 03
Time ZoneAfrica/Malabo
Coordinates of Pale
Time ZoneAfrica/Malabo
GMT +1
DST +1
Elevation (STRM3)22 m.
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Pale - Closest airports

Total 5 items.
144 kmSão Tomé International AirportSão ToméM
221 kmPort Gentil AirportPort GentilM
245 kmPrincipe AirportM
251 kmOmboue Hopital AirportOmboueM
291 kmLibreville Leon M'ba International AirportLibrevilleM

Cities close to Pale

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CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
362 km Equatorial GuineaBioko NorteMalabo155,963
362 km Equatorial GuineaBioko NorteRebola5,450
367 km Equatorial GuineaKié-NtemMikomeseng5,813
341 km Equatorial GuineaCentro SurEvinayong8,462
357 km Equatorial GuineaWele-NzasAconibe11,192
340 km Equatorial GuineaBioko SurLuba8,655
316 km Equatorial GuineaLitoralBata173,046
365 km Equatorial GuineaWele-NzasAnisoc10,191
386 km Equatorial GuineaWele-NzasMongomo6,393
403 km Equatorial GuineaKié-NtemEbebiyin24,831