General information about Ndele
CountryCentral African Republic
Region Bamingui-Bangoran 01
Region 2Ndélé 9143460
Time ZoneAfrica/Bangui
Coordinates of Ndele
Time ZoneAfrica/Bangui
GMT +1
DST +1
Elevation (STRM3)514 m.
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Ndele - Closest airports

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288 kmGbadolite AirportM

Cities close to Ndele

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CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
273 km Central African RepublicBanguiBangui542,393
187 km Central African RepublicKémoSibut34,267
138 km Central African RepublicHaute-KottoBria29,027
239 km Central African RepublicBasse-KottoKembe11,513
352 km Central African RepublicMambéré-KadéïCarnot38,071
324 km Central African RepublicNana-MambéréBaoro6,319
336 km Central African RepublicHaut-MbomouZemio14,000
0 km Central African RepublicBamingui-BangoranNdele11,764
417 km Central African RepublicMambéré-KadéïGamboula7,646
222 km Central African RepublicOuhamBossangoa27,428