General information about Black Point
Country Bahamas
Region Black Point 36
Time Zone America/Nassau
Coordinates of Black Point
Time Zone America/Nassau
GMT -5
DST -4
Latitude 24.100000000
Longitude -76.383330000
Elevation (STRM3) -32768 m.
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Black Point - Closest airports

Total 10 items.
6 kmStaniel Cay AirportM
44 kmNormans Cay AirportM
49 kmExuma International AirportGeorge TownM
56 kmRock Sound AirportRock SoundM
58 kmArthur's Town AirportArthur's TownM
58 kmGeorge Town AirportGeorge TownM
61 kmNew Bight AirportCat IslandM
76 kmCongo Town AirportAndrosM
79 kmStella Maris AirportStella MarisM
82 kmGovernor's Harbour AirportGovernor's HarbourM

Cities close to Black Point

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CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
78 km BahamasNew ProvidenceNassau227,940966 USD7.06.46.6
209 km BahamasWest Grand BahamaWest End12,724
215 km BahamasMayaguanaAbraham's Bay235
108 km BahamasNorth AndrosSan Andros7,800
177 km BahamasNorth AbacoCooper's Town8,413
145 km BahamasCrooked Island and Long CayColonel Hill240
0 km BahamasBlack PointBlack Point0
48 km BahamasExumaGeorge Town7,314
191 km BahamasFreeportLucaya46,525
65 km BahamasCentral EleutheraGovernor's Harbour0