General information about Kigali
CountryRepublic of Rwanda
Region Kigali 12
Region 2Nyarugenge District 11
Region 3Nyarugenge 1109
Region 4Kiyovu 110903
Time ZoneAfrica/Kigali
Cost of living in Kigali, USD/month
Accommodation $141 $164
Food $124 $213
Transportation $8 $113
Communications and utilities $292 $209
Clothing $12 $46
Sports and leisure $22 $63
Accommodation in Kigali, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$141
Shared room in city centre$163
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$196
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$337
Coordinates of Kigali
Time ZoneAfrica/Kigali
GMT +2
DST +2
Elevation (STRM3)1542 m.

Popular places and attractions of Kigali

Kigali City Tower Kigali City Tower
Kigali City Tower
Nyabugogo Bus Station Nyabugogo Bus Station
Nyabugogo Bus Station
Bus Station
Kigali Genocide Memorial Center Kigali Genocide Memorial Center
Kigali Genocide Memorial Center
Telecom House Telecom House
Telecom House
Kigali Serena Hotel Kigali Serena Hotel
Kigali Serena Hotel
Convention Center
Kimihurura Kimihurura

Parks, gardens and green spaces in Kigali

Augustine Tours Ltd Augustine Tours Ltd
Augustine Tours Ltd
Tour Provider
Virunga national parc Virunga national parc
Virunga national parc
National Park
fazenda fazenda
Nyandungu Nyandungu

Cost of living and prices in Kigali

Meal Inexpensive Restaurant 1 pers. 2.2 USD
Meal Mid-range Restaurant 2 pers. 19.6 USD
Meal McMeal at McDonalds 1 pc. 4.7 USD
Drinks Domestic Beer 0.5 liters 1.0 USD
Drinks Imported Beer 0.33 liters 1.5 USD
Drinks Coke/Pepsi 0.33 liters 0.4 USD
Drinks Water 0.33 liters 0.4 USD
Drinks Cappuccino Portion 1.7 USD
Food Water 1.5 liters 0.8 USD
Food Loaf Bread 500 g. 1.0 USD
Food Eggs 12 pc. 1.2 USD
Food Milk 1 liter 0.6 USD
Food Onion 1 kg. 0.5 USD
Food Lettuce 1 head 0.3 USD
Food Rice white 1 kg. 1.0 USD
Food Potato 1 kg. 0.3 USD
Food Potato 1 kg. 0.6 USD
Food Cheese Local 1 kg. 3.9 USD
Meat Chicken Breasts 1 kg. 4.3 USD
Fruits Apples 1 kg. 1.8 USD
Fruits Banana 1 kg. 0.6 USD
Fruits Oranges 1 kg. 1.1 USD
Alcohol Wine, Mid-Range 1 bottle 9.8 USD
Alcohol Domestic Beer 0.5 liters 0.8 USD
Alcohol Imported Beer 0.33 liters 1.4 USD
Cigarettes Marlboro 1 pack 1.0 USD
Public transport| One-way 1 ticket 0.2 USD
Public transport| Monthly Pass 1 month 7.8 USD
Taxi Taxi Start Start 2.9 USD
Taxi Normal Tariff 1 km 1.5 USD
Taxi Waiting 1 hour 2.9 USD
Fuel Gasoline 1 liter 0.9 USD
Automobile Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline 1 pc. 6,374.8 USD
Sport Fitness Club Fee 1 month 33.7 USD
Sport Tennis Court Rent 1 hour 4.9 USD
Rest Cinema, International Release 1 seat 4.9 USD
Clothing Jeans, Levis 501 1 Pair 24.2 USD
Clothing Summer Dress in Zara, H&M 1 pc. 25.5 USD
Shoes Nike Running Shoes 1 pair 29.4 USD
Shoes Men Leather Business Shoes 1 pair 42.7 USD
Rent Apartment Apartment in City Centre 1 bedroom 337.7 USD
Rent Apartment Apartment Outside of Centre 1 bedroom 196.1 USD
Rent Apartment Apartment in City Centre 3 bedrooms 496.5 USD
Rent Apartment Apartment Outside of Centre 3 bedrooms 427.3 USD
Utilities Electricity, Heating... for 85m2 1 month 36.4 USD
Communication Mobile Calls 1 min. 0.1 USD
Communication Unlimited Internet 1 month 186.3 USD
Buy Apartment Apartment in City Centre 1 sq. meter 4,903.7 USD
Buy Apartment Apartment Outside of Centre 1 sq. meter 7,355.5 USD
Salary Disposable Salary 1 month 232.5 USD
Mortgage Interest Rate 1 year 15.2 %
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Weather, climate, temperature by months in Kigali

Record high°C31313130323031323231313232
Average high°C25232223232323222323242523
Average temperature°C22212121212121212121212221
Average low°C18181818181818181818181918
Record low°C12131311111113131311121211
Average precipitationMm.95111116717178140159122208571048
Relative humidity%70757980787980838275696676
Relative humidity morning%87919595929594969385777690
Relative humidity evening%52586461595862666251444357
Wind speedKm/h9999888888999
Day LengthHours12131313131313121212121212
Dew point°C141516151515161616131212175
Growing degree-day°C3583533253363533143443253443333623794127
Solar radiation, globalMj/m218171616181918171717191818
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Location on map - Kigali

Location on map - Kigali

Kigali - Closest airports

Cities close to Kigali

Showing 1-10 of 12 items.
CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
0 km Republic of RwandaKigaliKigali745,261747 USD6.07.78.5
43 km Republic of RwandaSouthern ProvinceButare89,600
20 km Republic of RwandaSouthern ProvinceGitarama87,613
37 km Republic of RwandaNorthern ProvinceRuhengeri86,685
43 km Republic of RwandaWestern ProvinceKibuye48,024
32 km Republic of RwandaEastern ProvinceKibungo46,240
76 km Republic of RwandaWestern ProvinceCyangugu63,883
22 km Republic of RwandaNorthern ProvinceByumba70,593
44 km Republic of RwandaSouthern ProvinceNzega33,832
50 km Republic of RwandaWestern ProvinceGisenyi83,623