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Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe that takes a responsible approach to environmental protection. In addition to obvious separate garbage cans, you will hardly find cash here, and energy from food and non-food waste is used for heating homes, moving buses, and refueling taxi parks.

The educational process in Sweden mainly consists of group projects, work on production cases and tasks aimed at reasoning and independent information search. Education in Sweden is actively subsidized by the government. The Nobel Committee is located here, so scientific activity at universities is at the highest level.

You can find out how to obtain higher education in Sweden from our series of articles.

Swedish education

  1. Education in Sweden

    Higher education in Sweden is among the top 20 strongest education systems in the world. Country's universities offer more than 1000 programs in English. Find out what else is so unique about Swedish education and how to study there in our article.

  2. Universities in Sweden

    Unlike other countries, where students take several subjects at the same time, in Sweden students often study only one subject for several weeks and take an exam at the end of the course. Find more information in the article.

  3. Bachelor's studies in Sweden

    Everything you need to know about the specifics of studying for a bachelor's degree in Sweden: the education process, costs, universities and prospects after graduation.

  4. Swedish courses in Sweden

    Read about language courses in Sweden: what you need to know about admission, how much it costs, and how to get a visa.

Best universities in Sweden