General information about Athens
Region Attica ESYE31
Region 2Nomarchía Athínas 445408
Region 3Athens 9186
Time ZoneEurope/Athens
Cost of living in Athens, USD/month
Accommodation $148 $134
Food $168 $335
Transportation $26 $89
Communications and utilities $72 $103
Clothing $24 $89
Sports and leisure $19 $84
Accommodation in Athens, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$147
Shared room in city centre$133
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$244
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$233

Location on map - Athens

Location on map - Athens
Student cities in Greece
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AthensAttica, Nomarchía Athínas16664046
ThessalonikiCentral Macedonia, Nomós Thessaloníkis5354290
PátraiWest Greece, Nomós Achaḯas3168034
ChaniaCrete, Nomós Chaniás253910
PiraeusAttica, Nomós Attikís2163688
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