General information about Guayaquil
CountryRepublic of Ecuador
Region Guayas 10
Region 2Cantón Guayaquil 0901
Region 3Guayaquil 090150
Time ZoneAmerica/Guayaquil
Cost of living in Guayaquil, USD/month
Accommodation $173 $163
Food $151 $258
Transportation $8 $70
Communications and utilities $60 $59
Clothing $28 $106
Sports and leisure $23 $116
Accommodation in Guayaquil, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$172
Shared room in city centre$162
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$204
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$280

Location on map - Guayaquil

Location on map - Guayaquil
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QuitoPichincha, Cantón Quito151399814
GuayaquilGuayas, Cantón Guayaquil111952029
CuencaAzuay, Cantón Cuenca4276964
PortoviejoManabí, Cantón Portoviejo3170326
AmbatoTungurahua, Cantón Ambato3154369
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