General information about Muscat
CountrySultanate of Oman
Region Muḩāfaz̧at Masqaţ 06
Time ZoneAsia/Muscat
Cost of living in Muscat, USD/month
Accommodation $325 $449
Food $169 $322
Transportation $21 $64
Communications and utilities $89 $79
Clothing $18 $68
Sports and leisure $27 $96
Accommodation in Muscat, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$325
Shared room in city centre$449
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$474
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$672

Location on map - Muscat

Location on map - Muscat
Student cities in Oman
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MuscatMuḩāfaz̧at Masqaţ8797000
BuraimiAl Buraimi273670
NizwaMuḩāfaz̧at ad Dākhilīyah172076
SurSoutheastern Governorate171152
SoharAl Batinah North Governorate1108274
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