General information about Taichung
Region Taiwan 04
Region 2Taichung City TXG
Region 3North B05
Region 4Xinxing 66000050004
Time ZoneAsia/Taipei
Cost of living in Taichung, USD/month
Accommodation $119 $168
Food $231 $310
Transportation - $51
Communications and utilities $42 $45
Clothing $23 $91
Sports and leisure $27 $79
Accommodation in Taichung, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre$118
Shared room in city centre$167
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre$146
1 bedroom apartment in city centre$241

Location on map - Taichung

Location on map - Taichung
Student cities in Taiwan
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TaipeiTaipei, Taipei City387871900
TaichungTaiwan, Taichung City181040725
Tainan CityTaiwan, Tainan17771235
KaohsiungTakao, Kaohsiung151519711
Taoyuan CityTaiwan, Taoyuan9402014
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