General information about Zagreb
Region City of Zagreb 21
Region 2HR.21.3186885 3186885
Time ZoneEurope/Zagreb
Cost of living in Zagreb, USD/month
Accommodation 114 164
Food 153 262
Transportation 42 92
Communications and utilities 71 103
Clothing 22 85
Sports and leisure 19 61
Accommodation in Zagreb, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre116
Shared room in city centre166
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre206
1 bedroom apartment in city centre295
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Location on map - Zagreb

Location on map - Zagreb
Student cities in Croatia
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Zagreb - CentarCity of Zagreb, HR.21.3186885637000
ZagrebCity of Zagreb, HR.21.31868856698966
DubrovnikDubrovačko-Neretvanska, Grad Dubrovnik328428
PulaIstarska, Grad Pula259078
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