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As the financial, banking and research center, Boston is one of the largest cities in America and New England region. The city is known as the heart of researches, inventions and achievements. This is one of the largest educational centers globally. Boston is one of principal cities in the world that can distinguish itself with accomplishments in engineering, bio-technologies, medicine, physics and mathematics.

List of Boston universities

Hundreds of well-known universities find the place in Boston and neighboring areas. The Boston University is famed for its graduates who include Martin Luther king, the legal advocate, Julianne Moore, the actress, Maksim Davidovich Frank-Kamenetskiy, the author of the new DNA structure. The Northeastern University is known for its unique approach to combine theory and practice: students take eight terms and then work for the full working day for two to three terms. Large American companies partner with the University and most students get employed during study. Two respected universities, the Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, are not far away from here, in Cambridge. The Harvard University may be proud to have 150 Nobel Prize Laureates among graduates, teaching staff and personnel. In view of high quality education and splendid achievements in science, Boston is often called "the most intelligent city in the US" and "American Athens".

Why Boston to study

  • Boston is the city of youth. The bridge over the River Charles connects Boston with Cambridge with the globally known schoolings. Boston is the student capital of America, the intellectual and scientific city. It is told for hospitable environment.
  • Boston is one of cultural centers in America. It hosts the worldwide known Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science, MIT Museum, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.
  • The Boston Public Library is one of the splendid libraries in the world. The library is the first in the history of America to issue books for home reading. The mark “Free for everyone” is still there at the library door.
  • Boston is the place of bicyclers and road users. Student campuses, parks and streets are equipped with footpaths and cycling paths. Up to 15% of Boston natives go to work on foot. This is quite high percentage of foot walkers for America.
  • Boston universities arrange the fundamental schooling base; million dollars are invested in local laboratory and research center activities.
  • Boston is a green city, offering trunkful of parks and squares. Dramatic landscapes are seen in spring and autumn in and outside of the city. The university campuses are located in scenic areas. So, the campus of the Harvard University lies in the Harvard Yard at 85 hectares.
  • Public transport structure is developed in here. Buses and metropolitan are used to get to student campuses.
  • Gloucester Beaches are there in Boston suburbs, in an hour drive mostly liked by students.

Factsheets about Boston

  • This is the place where the Boston Tea Party events moved to launch the American Revolution.
  • Boston is called Beantown: the citizens like baked beans.
  • A four-kilometer foot path passes the city. The Freedom Trail connects 16 historic sights of Boston.
  • The Yale University, another famous and prestigious education facility, is located in 200 km from Boston.
  • The Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the most expensive universities in the world, are located in Boston. There are people who are lucky to study there for free due to scholarship programmes and grants that support international students to get one of the best education in the world.
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