The Voronezh Institute of High Technologies (also abbreviated as VIVT in Russian) is one of prospective tertiary education institutions in Russia to offer degrees for students who wish to qualify in IT.

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Ranking   8608   424
Воронежский Институт Высоких Технологий
Country Russia
City Voronezh
Bachelor (foreigners) Check the current price on the official website of the university
849 USD/year.
Living expenses $334 -682 USD/month
Official Website
World ranking 8608
Country ranking 424
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking 8608
Alternative title
English Voronezh Institute of High Technologies
Russian Воронежский институт высоких технологий
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Voronezh Institute of High Technologies scientific achievements

The academic staff, including professors, postgraduates and students, is all involved in investigation of present challenges in IT sector development and high technologies that avail recently. The Institute is the active member of IT-cluster in Voronezh region in Russia.

Faculties in Voronezh Institute of High Technologies

VIHT offers the following Bachelor Degree programs (in Russian language):

1. Computer Science & Engineering

  • Automated management of business — processes and finances
  • Integrated automated information system

2. Information Systems & Technologies

  • Information systems & technologies in telecommunications
  • Information systems & technologies in medicine and biotechnology
  • Information systems & technologies in machine-building industry

3. Technospheric security

  • Expert, supervisory, inspection and audit activities
  • Environmental protections
  • Protection in emergencies

4. Software Engineering

  • Management of software projects development
  • Development of software & information systems

5. Management

  • Managerial & financial accounting
  • Small business management

6. Human Resource Management

  • Personnel policy & consulting
  • Staff planning & marketing

7. Service

  • Service in fashion industry
  • Engineering system service of hotel-restaurant, tourist and sports complexes

8. Tourism

  • Organization of sports & recreational activities
  • Technology & organization of tour services
  • Technology & organization of tour operators and travel agent services

9. Youth organization & management

  • Youth organization & management in sports
  • Youth organization & management in education

Why is Voronezh Institute of High Technologies a place of choice?

  • The Voronezh Institute of High Technologies employs Microsoft IT Academy Program that is a college and career ready program for specialists to qualify in Microsoft Software programmes. The Academy of Softline international company runs at the Institute.
  • The Voronezh Institute of High Technologies also advocates distant learning for international students arranged by the international cloud computing technology Cloudentce.
  • The Institute is the originator of the laboratory of multimedia and network engineering, and tablet PCs. Its students might use 3D- printing unit and 3D- scanner in their projects.

Factsheets about Voronezh Institute of High Technologies

Students of the Voronezh Institute of High Technologies often exploit programmable robots to perform trials and experiments.

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