As one of the largest tertiary education institutions located in Russia, the Voronezh State Technical University of today is recognized as one of the top science and engineering schools. It is noted for its innovative solutions.

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Ranking   3559   162
Воронежский государственный технический университет
Country Russia
City Voronezh
Bachelor (foreigners) 774 USD/year. Check the current price on the official website of the university
Living expenses $334 -682 USD/month
Official Website
World ranking 3559
Country ranking 162
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking 3559
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Voronezh State Technical University scientific achievements

The Voronezh State Technical University brings a new production process on cost-effective use of fuel and oil to a commercial level. The University holds a range of patents for new inventions including ferrite antenna and alternating current brushless motor. The University staff continuously lean nanoscale technologies, in particular, they point out the way to obtain the system of nanosized silicium wire-type crystals.

Why Voronezh State Technical University?

  • The Voronezh State Technical University houses the Nondestructive Testing Laboratory, magnetoelectric observation station and laboratory of non-crystalline materials.
  • Recent IT graduates are apt to get double degree at the Voronezh State University and at the Voronezh State Technical University within the context of implementation of “Technology of information system development” to be the mutual networking educational program.
  • The Voronezh State Technical University offers the experimental technical area to involve in investigation and small-lot manufacture of polymer composite materials for aerospace engineering.
  • The Center of remote training functions at the Voronezh State Technical University.

Factsheets about Voronezh State Technical University

  • Official representatives of Helling Company based in Germany became the first sponsors who contributed to the endowment (specific capital) of the Voronezh State Technical University.
  • The University students launched a series of games called Earth Defenders for Windows Phone in collaboration with the students of the Voronezh State University that found a great popularity on a global level.

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