Country Brazil
City Quixada
Cost of living $422-813 USD/Month.
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Faculdade Católica Raihna do Sertão (FCRS) - higher education institution in Brazil. FCRS was officially founded in 2004. FCRS is located in a small town of Quixada in Brazil. Faculdade Católica Raihna do Sertão is among the best educational institutions in Brazil, that is among the top 5 universities according to the national rankings. Despite being one of the youngest universities of Brazil, Faculdade Católica Raihna do Sertão ranks high in international ratings.
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2482University of CampinasCampinas1,000 USD1,000 USD
2993Federal University of Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro1,000 USD1,000 USD
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4375Federal University of Rio Grande do SulPorto Alegre1,000 USD1,000 USD