General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Private
Teachers 4,499
Students 45,000
Religion None
Academic calendar Trimesters
AdmissionBased on entrance examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Colors Red and gray
Campus type Urban
Financial aid Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
Onto a full grown man
• Education Department, Jiangsu Province
World ranking883
Country ranking38
Ranking in world by discipline
Cost of living in Suzhou, USD/month
Accommodation 147 216
Food 122 215
Transportation 18 41
Communications and utilities 31 40
Clothing 17 67
Sports and leisure 16 52
Accommodation in Suzhou, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre149
Shared room in city centre218
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre162
1 bedroom apartment in city centre361
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking883
ARWU Academic Ranking401
Webometrics Ranking21935
Alternative title
Russian Университет Сучжоу
Spanish Universidad de Soochow
Chinese 苏州大学
Arabic جامعة سوشو
French Université Soochow
German Soochow-Universität
Japanese 蘇州大学
Korean 소주대학
Portuguese Universidade de Soochow

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Soochow University or 苏州大学 - private nonprofit higher education institution in China.

Description of Soochow University

Soochow University grows from the former Soochow University founded in 1900. Since 1879, the American Christian Supervisory Board has established the Buffington Institute, the Kung Hang School in Suzhou, and the Anglo-Chinese College in Shanghai. In 1900, the three schools were combined as a university, based on the Kung Hang School and located in the original place of the Buffington Institute. In December of 1900, the SMC constitution was approved, and Mr. Lin Yuezhi (the founder of The Globe) was announced as Chairman of the board, while Mr. Sun Lewen the President. Early twentieth century China’ s first private university - Soochow University, was born. Since then, Soochow University, the first private university in early 20th century of China was established. Being founded by Americans, the first 26 years of Soochow University’ s history was managed by three American presidents: Sun Lewen, Ge Dalai and Wen Naishi. During this period, the funding for the school was mainly from donations and tuition fees. Teaching buildings like Lin Hall, Sun Hall, Ge Hall, dormitories for faculty and students and other facilities were built successively, and thus the university became full-scale. In terms of academic development, the university covered the areas of arts, science, medicine, theology and law (the school was in Kunshan Road, Shanghai). Besides, there were 4 attached middle schools, 23 attached primary schools, the Huihan Primary School, the Wu Dialect School and many more forming the complete Soochow University education system. In addition to the outstanding performance in research, the university has also fostered numerous professionals for society. Soochow University adheres to the slogan of "Unto a Full Grown Man". During the May 4th Movement, the students organized the Student Union and many other student organizations, where students took part in all kinds of academic research, debates, and sports activities. The efforts of the three former presidents have built a solid foundation to the future development of the university. In 1952, after the national adjustment of university departments, Soochow University, the Southern Jiangsu Culture and Education College and Jiangnan University merged into the Southern Normal College, later known as Jiangsu Normal College, located in the original place of Soochow University. In 1982, it was approved as Soochow University by the State Council. In 1995, Suzhou Sericulture College joined the university. In 1997, the Suzhou Silk Institute became part of the university. Today, it has developed into a well-known comprehensive university with programs in the areas of arts, science, engineering, agriculture and many others. All disciplines have coordinated well, and have grown to a considerable scale. Because of the university’ s strong foundation and efforts to always improve, Soochow University has enjoyed its strong reputation both at home and abroad. In 1996, the university was approved as a national "211 Project" university. For more than one hundred and ten years, Soochow University has been involved in personnel training, fostering more than 300,000 professionals in different fields into society. Some alumni and celebrities including Xu Deheng, Gucheng, Fei Xiaotong , Lei Jieqiong, Sun Qimeng, Zhao puchu , Qian Weichang , Dong Yinchu, Li Zhengdao , Ni Zhengao, Zheng Bijiang, Yang Tieliang, and Louis Cha (Jin Yong) . Additionally, several alumni are members of the Chinese Academy of Science or Engineering, such as Tan Jiazhen , Chen Ziyuan , Yu Mingfang, Song Daxiang, Zhan Qimin and many others. They all have made great contributions to national growth and social development. For more than a century, generations of people at Soochow University have always adhered to the motto of "Unto a Full Grown Man". They have also adhered to the education philosophy of "academics, applying knowledge, and training model citizens". They pass on the university ethos of "being open-minded, inclusive and pursuing excellence" and the study style of "broadening knowledge and keeping earnest behavior, while striving for perfection". Soochow University strives to foster top creative talents with the qualities of having a "free spirit, superior ability, independent personality, and a sense of social responsibility"
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