General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation UC
Teachers 2,053
Students 37,213
Foreigners 5%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on entrance examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Urban
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
• Consejo Nacional de Educación, Chile
• Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU)
• Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA)
• International Forum of Public Universities (IFPU)
• OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCW)
World ranking251
Country ranking1
Academic Reputation86
Employer Reputation64
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities130
Engineering and Technology175
Life Sciences and Medicine231
Natural Science260
Social Sciences and Management109
Ranking in world by discipline
Cost of living in Santiago, USD/month
Accommodation 208 228
Food 151 289
Transportation 40 92
Communications and utilities 73 86
Clothing 19 72
Sports and leisure 22 83
Accommodation in Santiago, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre210
Shared room in city centre230
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre321
1 bedroom apartment in city centre353
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking251
QS World University Rankings209
ARWU Academic Ranking301
Webometrics Ranking246
Alternative title
Russian Университет Чили
Spanish Universidad de Chile
Chinese 智利大学
Arabic جامعة تشيلي
French Université du Chili
German Universität von Chile
Japanese チリ大学
Korean 칠레대학교
Portuguese Universidade do Chile
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University of Chile (UC) - public higher education institution in Chile.

University of Chile - Description

The University of Chile was founded on the 19th of November, 1842. It is the oldest higher education institution in Chile. Generating, developing, integrating and communicating knowledge in all the areas of knowledge and culture which continues to be the mission and basis of the activities of the University. The University is located in the capital city, Santiago de Chile, which is a public university of international quality. All the areas of knowledge are taught in their lecture halls and today the university is at the top of the Chilean university system with regard to teaching, research, creation and outreach. The University of Chile has 35619 students and 3047 Faculty of which 1719 are full-time faculty members. Spread out over five campuses and several experimental stations in Santiago, and has 14 Faculties and 4 Interdisciplinary Institutes and one Clinical Hospital in other regions of Chile. There have been many notable graduates of the University of Chile which include twenty of the past Chilean Presidents, two Nobel laureates who received the Nobel Prize for Literature, Gabriela Mistral (1945) and Pablo Neruda (1971), as well as 155 National Award recipients in different fields. Current data indicate that the University of Chile is...

Description of University of Chile

General Information. · The University of Chile was founded on the 19th of November, 1842. It is the oldest higher education institution in Chile. Generating, developing, integrating and communicating knowledge in all the areas of knowledge and culture are the mission and basis of the activities of the University. This makes up the involvedness of their work and directs the education they impart. · Among the first Presidents are the founder, the Venezuelan humanist and jurist Andrés Bello (1843 – 1865), and the Polish scientist and mineralogist Ignacio Domeyko (1867 – 1883). · The University is located in the capital city Santiago de Chile and it is a public university with international quality. All the areas of knowledge are elaborated in their lecture halls and today the university is at the top of the Chilean university system with regard to teaching, research, creation and outreach. · Faculties and Institutes: Distributed in five campuses and several experimental stations in Santiago and other Regions of Chile: o 14 Faculties: Architecture and Urbanism • Arts • Agricultural Sciences • Sciences • Physical and Mathematical Sciences • Forestry Sciences • Chemical Sciences and Pharmacy • Social Sciences •Veterinary and Animal Sciences • Law • Economy and Business •Philosophy and Humanities • Medicine • Dentistry. o 4 Interdisciplinary Institutes: Public Affairs • Communications •International Studies • Nutrition and Food Technology. · The University of Chile has 40083 students: 29442 undergraduate students 10641 graduate students in Doctoral, Masters, Professional Specialization and post-titles. · Faculty: 3412 wich 1420 are full time and 1087 with Ph. D. · 20 Chilean Presidents have been students of the University of Chile (61% of the total). Also, the two Chileans who received the Nobel Prize, Gabriela Mistral (1945) and Pablo Neruda (1971), both in Literature, were members of the University. · 169 National Awards (83% of the total) have been awarded in different fields to distinguished persons that have been alumni, professors or researchers of the University. · It is placed among the 500 best higher educational establishments in the World Ranking of Universities (University Shanghai Jiao Tong) and in the tenth place among its Latin-American peers in the Latin-American Ranking of Research Institutes (SCImago Research Group, Spain). Quality Assurance · Institutional Accreditation: Accredited by the National Commission for Accreditation in all areas (Management, Undergraduate Teaching, Graduate Teaching, Research, Infrastructure, Equipment, and Outreach) for the maximum period of 7 years. · Accreditation of Doctoral Programs: 30 out of 36 (83,33%) have been accredited by the Post-graduate Accreditation Commission. · Accreditation of Undergraduate Programs: 60,6% of all Undergraduate Programs have been accredited and 5 more are currently being processed.

Programs - Bachelor

Bachelor Algebra And Geometry
Bachelor Anthropology
Bachelor Art
Bachelor Biochemistry
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Calculation 1
Bachelor Calculation 2
Bachelor Cell Biology - Introduction
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Chemistry 1
Bachelor Chemistry 2
Bachelor Computer
Bachelor Economy
Bachelor English 1
Bachelor English 2
Bachelor Evolution
Bachelor General Education Elective
Bachelor History
Bachelor International Relations
Bachelor Math 1
Bachelor Math 2
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Mechanical 2
Bachelor Mechanics 1
Bachelor Methods Experimental
Bachelor Neuroscience
Bachelor Organic Chemistry
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Philosophy 2
Bachelor Physical
Bachelor Physical 1
Bachelor Physical 2
Bachelor Political Science
Bachelor Psychology
Bachelor Psychology 2
Bachelor Psychology 3
Bachelor Social History Of Latin America
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Statistics Masters Degree Programs
Bachelor Adult Clinical Psychology
Bachelor Agricultural Sciences In Animal Production
Bachelor Agricultural Sciences, Crop Production Mention
Bachelor Agricultural Sciences, Mention Fruit Production
Bachelor Agricultural Sciences, Mentioning Agroindustrial Production
Bachelor Agricultural Sciences, Plant Mention
Bachelor Arts, Mention Art Theory And History
Bachelor Arts, Music Composition Mention
Bachelor Arts, Musicology Mention
Bachelor Arts, Theatre Direction Mention
Bachelor Arts, Visual Arts Mention
Bachelor Business Criminal Law And Business
Bachelor Business Engineering With Information Technology
Bachelor Computer Law And Telecommunications
Bachelor Cultural Management
Bachelor Degree In Sciences, Specialty Astronomy
Bachelor Education, Major In Curriculum And Educational Community
Bachelor Education, Minor In Computer Education
Bachelor Educational Psychology
Bachelor Engineering Science, Electrical Enginnering
Bachelor Engineering Sciences, Mechanical Mention
Bachelor Engineering Sciences, Mention Extractive Metallurgy
Bachelor Engineering Sciences, Mention Transportation
Bachelor Enology And Viticulture
Bachelor Environmental Law
Bachelor Faculty Of Forestry And Nature Conservation
Bachelor Faculty Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences
Bachelor Food Sciences
Bachelor Foods M / Management, Quality And Food Safety
Bachelor Gender And Cultural Studies In Latin America
Bachelor International Law, Investments And Trade
Bachelor Law, Majoring In Criminal Law - James And Regions
Bachelor Law, With Mentions (Re-Accredited For 6 Years)
Bachelor Ma In Cognitive Studies
Bachelor Ma In Documentary Film
Bachelor Ma In Geography, Territorial Resources Mention
Bachelor Ma In Geography, Urban And Regional Organization Reference
Bachelor Ma In Latin American Studies
Bachelor Ma In Linguistics, English Language Citation
Bachelor Ma In Linguistics, Spanish Language Minor
Bachelor Management And Business
Bachelor Management For Globalization
Bachelor Master In Applied Economics
Bachelor Master In Biological Sciences
Bachelor Master In Biology Of Reproduction
Bachelor Master In Business Administration (MBA) In Antofagasta
Bachelor Master In Business Administration (MBA) In Finance Management Mentions, Managerial
Bachelor Master In Cellular And Molecular Biomedicine
Bachelor Master In Chemistry
Bachelor Master In Communication Networks Engineering
Bachelor Master In Economics
Bachelor Master In Engineering Sciences Mention Water Resources And Environment
Bachelor Master In Finance
Bachelor Master In History
Bachelor Master In Immunology
Bachelor Master In International Strategy And Trade Policy
Bachelor Master In International Studies
Bachelor Master In Management Control
Bachelor Master In Management Of Real Estate Projects
Bachelor Master In Meteorology And Climatology
Bachelor Master In Neuroscience
Bachelor Master In Operations Management
Bachelor Master In Pharmacology
Bachelor Master In Political Science
Bachelor Master In Psychology, Adult Clinic Mention
Bachelor Master In Public Policy
Bachelor Master In Social Communication
Bachelor Master In Urban Planning
Bachelor Master Of Ageing And Quality Of Life
Bachelor Master Of Bioethics
Bachelor Master Of Bioethics (Joint Between Medicine And Philosophy)
Bachelor Master Of Bioethics (Joint Programme With The Faculty Of Philos
Bachelor Master Of Biostatistics
Bachelor Master Of Cs. Medical And Biological M. Nutrition
Bachelor Master Of Dental Science, Major In Pathology And Oral Medicine
Bachelor Master Of Dental Science, Major In Periodontology
Bachelor Master Of Education In Health Sciences
Bachelor Master Of Environmental Management And Planning
Bachelor Master Of Habitat Residential
Bachelor Master Of Literature
Bachelor Master Of Marketing
Bachelor Master Of Medical Biophysics
Bachelor Master Of Mining
Bachelor Master Of Morphology
Bachelor Master Of Nutrition And Food Health Promotion Mention
Bachelor Master Of Nutrition And Food Mention Clinical Nutrition
Bachelor Master Of Nutrition And Food, Healthy Food Mention
Bachelor Master Of Nutrition And Foods For Human Nutrition Minor
Bachelor Master Of Pathophysiology
Bachelor Master Of Philosophy
Bachelor Master Of Public Health
Bachelor Master Of Science In Aquaculture
Bachelor Master Of Science In Mathematics
Bachelor Master Of Science, Computer Mention
Bachelor Master Of Science, Geology Mention
Bachelor Master Of Science, Geophysics Mention
Bachelor Master Of Science, Majoring In Physics
Bachelor Master Of Science, Physical Mention
Bachelor Master Of Taxation
Bachelor Master Of Veterinary And Animal Sciences, With Mentions
Bachelor Masters In Genetics
Bachelor Masters In Governance And Public Management
Bachelor Masters In Information Technology
Bachelor Masters In Microbiology
Bachelor Masters In Personnel Management And Organizational Dynamics
Bachelor Masters In Physiology
Bachelor Masters In Political Communication
Bachelor Masters In The Wildlands And Conservation
Bachelor Media Art
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bachelor Psychology, Major In Community Psychology
Bachelor Psychology, Mention Child And Adolescent Clinical Psychology
Bachelor Public Policy And Management
Bachelor School Of Chemical And Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bachelor Science Enginnering Biomedical
Bachelor Science Enginnering Chemistry
Bachelor Science Enginnering Geotechnical
Bachelor Social Sciences Sociology Mention Of Modernization
Bachelor Soil And Water Management
Bachelor Study Masters In Gender And Culture In Latin America, Minor In
Bachelor Tax Law
Bachelor Week End Master In Business Administration (MBA) In Management Finanz Mentions Doctoral Programs
Bachelor Agricultural Forestry And Veterinary Sciences
Bachelor Aquaculture
Bachelor Biomedical Sciences
Bachelor Doctor Of Medicine And Specialty
Bachelor Doctor Of Science, Major In Astronomy
Bachelor Doctor Of Science, Major In Physics
Bachelor Doctorate In Mining Engineering
Bachelor Doctorate In Sciences, Specialty Geology
Bachelor Electrical Engineering
Bachelor Engineering Sciences, Fluid Mention
Bachelor Engineering Sciences, Materials Sciences Mention
Bachelor Engineering Sciences, Mathematical Modeling
Bachelor History, Majoring In Ethnohistory
Bachelor History, Mentioned History Of Chile
Bachelor Latin American Studies
Bachelor Literature, Chilean And Latin American Literature Mention
Bachelor Nutrition And Food
Bachelor Ph.D. In Public Health
Bachelor Pharmacology
Bachelor Phd In Economics
Bachelor Philosophy, Aesthetics And Theory Mention Art
Bachelor Philosophy, Metaphysics Mention
Bachelor Philosophy, Moral And Political Philosophy Mention
Bachelor Psychotherapy (Interuniversidades Uch-Puc-Heidelberg)
Bachelor Right
Bachelor Science, Computer Mention
Bachelor Science, Math Mention
Bachelor Sciences, Cellular And Molecular Biology Mention Neuroscience
Bachelor Sciences, Physical Mention
Bachelor Sciences, Specialty Astronomy
Bachelor Sciences, Specialty In Ecology And Evolutionary Biology
Bachelor Sciences, Specialty Microbiology
Bachelor Social Sciences
Bachelor Systems Engineering
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