Ranking  313      16
Country China
City Changchun
Bachelor (foreigners)3,000 USD/year.
Master (foreigners)3,000 USD/year.
Cost of living $410-827 USD/Month.
Official Website
General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Established 1946
Teachers 4,818
Students 62,675
Foreigners 1%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on entrance examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Sport facilities Available
Library Available
求实创新 励志图强
• Department of Education, Jilin Province
World ranking313
Country ranking16
Citations per Faculty385
Ranking in world by sphere
Engineering and Technology336
Natural Science256
Ranking in world by discipline
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking313
QS World University Rankings455
ARWU Academic Ranking201
Alternative title
Arabic جامعة جيلين
German Jilin-Universität
Spanish Universidad de Jilin
French Université de Jilin
Japanese 吉林大学
Korean 길림대학
Portuguese Universidade de Jilin
Russian Цзилиньский университет
Chinese 吉林大学
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Jilin University or 吉林大学 - public higher education institution in China.

Jilin University - Description

Jilin University (JLU) is a leading national university under the direct jurisdiction of China's Ministry of Education. Located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in Northeastern China, the University has eight campuses in five districts which are home to thirty-nine colleges covering eleven academic disciplines, including philosophy, economics, law, literature, education, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and management. The University boasts sixteen disciplinary areas, five national key laboratories, and eight national bases for the development of basic science. Other resources include five research bases for humanities and social sciences, seven key laboratories sponsored by the Ministry of Education and eleven by other ministries of Chinese government. JLU offers a variety of degree programs. It has now 115 undergraduate programs, 192 master's degree program, 105 doctoral degree programs, and seventeen post-doctoral programs. The year of 2003 saw the enrollment of a total of 59,000-odd full time students among whom more than 10,000 are graduate students. At present there are 5700 faculty members, with fourteen members of Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1270 full professors, and 1652 associate professors. This dedicated education community is a guarantee of excellence in teaching and research. For years, the University...

Programs - Bachelor - Jilin University

Bachelor Accounting
Bachelor Administration
Bachelor Advertising
Bachelor Agricultural Economy And Management
Bachelor Agricultural Mechanization And Automation
Bachelor Agricultural Resources And Environment
Bachelor Agronomy
Bachelor Animal Medicine
Bachelor Animal Science
Bachelor Applied Chemistry
Bachelor Applied Physics
Bachelor Applied Psychology
Bachelor Archeology
Bachelor Archival Science
Bachelor Art And Design
Bachelor Automation
Bachelor Automobile Service Engineering
Bachelor Biological Engineering
Bachelor Biological Sciences
Bachelor Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor Biotechnology
Bachelor Broadcasting And Hosting Art
Bachelor Business Administration
Bachelor Chemical Engineering And Technology
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Chinese Language And Literature
Bachelor Civil Engineering
Bachelor Clinical Medicine
Bachelor Communication Engineering
Bachelor Composing Technique Theory
Bachelor Computer Science And Technology
Bachelor Control Technology And Instrument
Bachelor Credit Management
Bachelor E-Commerce
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Electrical Engineering And Automation
Bachelor Electronic And Information Engineering
Bachelor Electronic Information Science And Technology
Bachelor Electronic Science And Technology
Bachelor Energy And Power Engineering
Bachelor Engineering Management
Bachelor Engineering Mechanics
Bachelor Engineering Of Surveying And Mapping
Bachelor English
Bachelor Environmental Engineering
Bachelor Environmental Science
Bachelor Exploration Technology And Engineering
Bachelor Fashion Design And Engineering
Bachelor Finance
Bachelor Financial Management
Bachelor Food Quality And Safety
Bachelor Food Science And Engineering
Bachelor Gardening
Bachelor Geographic Information Systems
Bachelor Geographical Sciences
Bachelor Geology
Bachelor Geophysics
Bachelor Groundwater Science And Engineering
Bachelor History
Bachelor Human Resource Management
Bachelor Hydrology And Water Resources Engineering
Bachelor Ideological And Political Education
Bachelor Industrial Design
Bachelor Industrial Engineering
Bachelor Information And Computing Science
Bachelor Information Engineering
Bachelor Information Management And Information System
Bachelor Inorganic Non-Metallic Materials
Bachelor International Economy And Trade
Bachelor International Political
Bachelor Internet Of Things
Bachelor Japanese Language
Bachelor Journalism
Bachelor Korean Language
Bachelor Labor And Social Security
Bachelor Land Resource Management
Bachelor Law
Bachelor Logistics Engineering
Bachelor Logistics Management
Bachelor Marketing
Bachelor Material Forming And Control Engineering
Bachelor Materials Chemistry
Bachelor Materials Physics
Bachelor Materials Science And Engineering
Bachelor Mathematics And Applied Mathematics
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering And Automation
Bachelor Medical Law
Bachelor Metal Material Engineering
Bachelor Microelectronics Technology
Bachelor Museology
Bachelor Music Performance
Bachelor Musicology
Bachelor Nuclear Physics
Bachelor Nursing
Bachelor Optical Information Science And Technology
Bachelor Oral Medicine
Bachelor Packaging Engineering
Bachelor Painting
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Engineering
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Preparations
Bachelor Pharmacy
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Plant Protection
Bachelor Political Science And Public Administration
Bachelor Polymer Materials And Engineering
Bachelor Preventive Medicine
Bachelor Radiation Medicine
Bachelor Resources And Environment And Urban Planning
Bachelor Resources Prospecting Engineering
Bachelor Russian
Bachelor Social Sports
Bachelor Social Work
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Software Engineering
Bachelor Spanish Language
Bachelor Sports Training
Bachelor Statistics
Bachelor Theoretical And Applied Mechanics
Bachelor Tourism Management
Bachelor Traffic Engineering
Bachelor Transportation
Bachelor Vehicle Engineering Masters Degree Programs
Bachelor Acoustics
Bachelor Aesthetics
Bachelor Agricultural Biological Environmental And Energy Engineering
Bachelor Agricultural Economics And Management
Bachelor Agricultural Electrification And Automation
Bachelor Agricultural Entomology And Pest Put Governance
Bachelor Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Bachelor Agricultural Products Processing And Storage
Bachelor Agricultural Soil And Water Engineering
Bachelor Analytical Chemistry
Bachelor Ancient Chinese Literature
Bachelor Anesthesiology
Bachelor Animal Genetic Breeding And Reproduction
Bachelor Animal Nutrition And Feed Science
Bachelor Anthropology
Bachelor Applied Computer Technology
Bachelor Applied Mathematics
Bachelor Aquatic Products Processing And Storage
Bachelor Archaeology And Museology
Bachelor Art Of Design
Bachelor Arts
Bachelor Asian And African Languages ​​And Literature
Bachelor Atomic And Molecular Physics
Bachelor Aviation, Aerospace And Maritime Medicine
Bachelor Basic Mathematics
Bachelor Basic Pharmacology
Bachelor Basic Psychology
Bachelor Basic Veterinary Science
Bachelor Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
Bachelor Bioinformatics
Bachelor Bionic Science And Engineering
Bachelor Biophysics
Bachelor Body Engineering
Bachelor Botany
Bachelor Bridge And Tunnel Engineering
Bachelor Business Management
Bachelor Carrier Engineering
Bachelor Cartography And Geographic Information Engineering
Bachelor Cartography And Geographic Information Systems
Bachelor Cell Biology
Bachelor Cereals, Oils And Vegetable Protein Engineering
Bachelor Chemical Process Equipment
Bachelor Children Less Health And Maternal
Bachelor Chinese And Foreign Political System
Bachelor Chinese Classical Literature
Bachelor Chinese History
Bachelor Chinese Internal Medicine
Bachelor Chinese Modern And Contemporary History
Bachelor Chinese Modern And Contemporary Literature
Bachelor Chinese Philology
Bachelor Chinese Philosophy
Bachelor Circuits And Systems
Bachelor Civil And Commercial Law
Bachelor Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
Bachelor Clinical Stomatology
Bachelor Clinical Veterinary Medicine
Bachelor Communication
Bachelor Communication And Information Systems
Bachelor Comparative Literature And World Literature
Bachelor Computational Mathematics
Bachelor Computer Software And Theory
Bachelor Computer System Architecture
Bachelor Condensed Matter Physics
Bachelor Constitutional And Administrative Law
Bachelor Control Theory And Control Engineering
Bachelor Costume Design Engineering
Bachelor Credit Economics And Management
Bachelor Criminal Law
Bachelor Crop Cultivation And Farming School
Bachelor Crop Genetics And Breeding
Bachelor Curriculum And Pedagogy
Bachelor Dancology
Bachelor Demographic
Bachelor Dermatology And Venereology
Bachelor Detection Technology And Automation Devices
Bachelor Developmental And Educational Psychology
Bachelor Developmental Biology
Bachelor Digital Geological Sciences
Bachelor Diplomacy
Bachelor Disaster Prevention And Mitigation And Protection Works
Bachelor E-Government
Bachelor Earth Exploration And Information Technology
Bachelor Earth Science Information Engineering
Bachelor Ecology
Bachelor Economic History
Bachelor Economic Law
Bachelor Educational Economy And Management
Bachelor Educational Technology
Bachelor Electrical Theory And New Technology
Bachelor Emergency Medicine
Bachelor Engineering Mathematics
Bachelor Engineering Thermal Physics
Bachelor English Language And Literature
Bachelor Environment And Natural Resources Protection Law
Bachelor Environmental Management And Environmental Economic
Bachelor Epidemiology And Health Statistics
Bachelor Ethics
Bachelor Ethnic Traditional Sports
Bachelor Fermentation Engineering
Bachelor Ferrous Metallurgy
Bachelor Field And Microwave Technology
Bachelor Film Studies
Bachelor Finance (Including: Insurance)
Bachelor Fine Arts
Bachelor Fine Chemicals And Chemical
Bachelor Fluid Machinery And Engineering
Bachelor Folklore
Bachelor Food Science
Bachelor Foreign Linguistics And Applied Linguistics
Bachelor Foreign Philosophy
Bachelor Forensic
Bachelor Forestry Economics And Management
Bachelor Genetics
Bachelor Geochemistry
Bachelor Geodesy And Surveying Engineering
Bachelor Geological Disaster Prevention Project
Bachelor Geological Engineering
Bachelor Geotechnical Engineering
Bachelor Geriatrics
Bachelor Grassland
Bachelor Harbor, Coastal And Offshore Engineering
Bachelor Health Economics
Bachelor Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation And Air Conditioning Engineering
Bachelor Higher Education
Bachelor Historical Geography
Bachelor Historical Philology
Bachelor Historical Theory And History
Bachelor History Of Ancient China
Bachelor History Of Economic Thoughts
Bachelor Human Anatomy And Embryology
Bachelor Human Movement Science
Bachelor Humane Sociology Of Sports
Bachelor Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Bachelor Hydraulics And River Dynamics
Bachelor Hydrology And Water Resources
Bachelor Hydromechanics
Bachelor Hygienic Toxicology
Bachelor Imaging And Nuclear Medicine
Bachelor Immunology
Bachelor Industrial Economics
Bachelor Information Science
Bachelor Inorganic Chemistry
Bachelor Institutional Economics
Bachelor Insurance
Bachelor Internal Medicine
Bachelor International Law
Bachelor International Relations
Bachelor International Trade
Bachelor Japanese Language And Literature
Bachelor Labor Economics
Bachelor Law And Economics
Bachelor Legal History
Bachelor Legal Political Science
Bachelor Legal Theory
Bachelor Library Science
Bachelor Linguistics And Applied Linguistics
Bachelor Literature And Art
Bachelor Logic
Bachelor Management Science And Engineering
Bachelor Marine Geology
Bachelor Marxism In China
Bachelor Marxist Philosophy
Bachelor Marxist Study Abroad
Bachelor Materials Physics And Chemistry
Bachelor Materials Processing Engineering
Bachelor Materials Science
Bachelor Measurement Techniques And Instrumentation
Bachelor Mechanical And Electronic Engineering
Bachelor Mechanical Design And Theory
Bachelor Mechanical Manufacturing And Automation
Bachelor Medical And Biological Engineering
Bachelor Medical Genomics
Bachelor Medicinal Chemistry
Bachelor Microbial And Biochemical Pharmacy
Bachelor Microbiology
Bachelor Microelectronics And Solid State Electronics
Bachelor Military Law
Bachelor Military Preventive Medicine
Bachelor Mineral Prospecting And Exploration
Bachelor Mineral Resource Economics And Technology
Bachelor Mineralogy, Petrology, The Study Of Ore Deposits
Bachelor Minority Language And Literature
Bachelor Modern Chinese History
Bachelor Municipal Engineering
Bachelor National Economics
Bachelor Navigation, Guidance And Control
Bachelor Network And Information Security
Bachelor Neurobiology
Bachelor Neurology
Bachelor Non-Ferrous Metallurgy
Bachelor Nuclear Technology And Applications
Bachelor Nutrition And Food Hygiene
Bachelor Obstetrics And Gynecology
Bachelor Occupational And Environmental Health
Bachelor Oncology
Bachelor Operational Research And Cybernetics
Bachelor Ophthalmology
Bachelor Optical Engineering
Bachelor Optics
Bachelor Organic Chemistry
Bachelor Otorhinolaryngology
Bachelor Paleontology And Stratigraphy
Bachelor Particle Physics And Nuclear Physics
Bachelor Pathogen Biology
Bachelor Pathology And Pathophysiology
Bachelor Pattern Recognition And Intelligent Systems
Bachelor Pediatrics
Bachelor Pedology
Bachelor Pesticide Science
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Analysis
Bachelor Pharmacognosy
Bachelor Pharmacology
Bachelor Philosophy Of Science And Technology
Bachelor Photogrammetry And Remote Sensing
Bachelor Physical Chemistry
Bachelor Physical Education And Training
Bachelor Physical Electronics
Bachelor Physiology
Bachelor Plant Nutrition
Bachelor Plant Pathology
Bachelor Plasma Physics
Bachelor Political Economy
Bachelor Political Theory
Bachelor Polymer Chemistry And Physics
Bachelor Polymer Materials Engineering
Bachelor Population, Resources And Environmental Economics
Bachelor Power Electronics And Power Drives
Bachelor Power Machinery And Engineering
Bachelor Precision Instrument And Machinery
Bachelor Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Bachelor Probability Theory And Mathematical Statistics
Bachelor Procedural Law
Bachelor Project Management
Bachelor Psychiatry And Mental Hygiene
Bachelor Public Governance And Public Policy
Bachelor Quantitative Economics
Bachelor Quaternary Geology
Bachelor Radio And Television Arts
Bachelor Radio Physics
Bachelor Rear Special Service
Bachelor Refrigeration And Cryogenic Engineering
Bachelor Regional Economics
Bachelor Rehabilitation Medicine & Physical Therapy
Bachelor Religious Studies
Bachelor Road And Railway Engineering
Bachelor Russian Language And Literature
Bachelor Scientific Socialism And The International Communist Movement
Bachelor Signal And Information Processing
Bachelor Social Medicine And Health Management
Bachelor Social Security
Bachelor Solid Earth Geophysics
Bachelor Solid Mechanics
Bachelor Space Physics
Bachelor Spanish Language And Literature
Bachelor Special Economic Animal Breeding
Bachelor Special History
Bachelor Sports Medicine
Bachelor Stomatology
Bachelor Structural Engineering
Bachelor Structural Geology
Bachelor Surgery
Bachelor Systems Engineering
Bachelor Technology Archaeological And Heritage Conservation
Bachelor Technology Economy And Management
Bachelor Textile Chemistry And Dyeing And Finishing Works
Bachelor Textile Engineering
Bachelor Textile Materials And Textile Design
Bachelor The Basic Principles Of Marxism
Bachelor The Defense Economy
Bachelor The History Of The Development Of Marxism
Bachelor Theatre & Opera
Bachelor Theoretical Physics
Bachelor Thermal Power Engineering
Bachelor Traditional Chinese Medicine
Bachelor Traffic Environment And Safety Technology
Bachelor Traffic Information Engineering And Control
Bachelor Transportation Planning And Management
Bachelor Underwater Acoustic Biology
Bachelor Vehicle Engineering
Bachelor Water Resources And Hydropower Engineering
Bachelor Western Economics
Bachelor World Economy
Bachelor World History
Bachelor Zoology
Bachelor Zoonotic Epidemic Diseases
Bachelor Zoonotic Epidemic Diseases Doctoral Programs
Bachelor Demography
Bachelor History Of Economic Thought
Bachelor International Politics
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