Guangzhou University or 廣州大學 (GU) - public higher education institution in China. The studies at Guangzhou University began in 2000. The main building of the university is located in Guangzhou inside an urban campus.

The composition of the university. Guangzhou University is a big educational institution, attended by more than 34 thousand students.

Infrastructure of GU. The university has a dedicated library. Sports facilities can be a bonus for some students applying to Guangzhou University.
World ranking 6017
Country ranking 210
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking 6017
Cost of living in Guangzhou
Expenses - USD/Month Min. Med.
Accommodation 181 320
Food 121 201
Transportation 28 56
Communications and utilities 34 42
Clothing 21 80
Sports and leisure 27 79
Total 413 779
Accommodation in Guangzhou USD/Month
Shared room outside of centre 183
Shared room in city centre 324
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 302
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 535
Alternative title
English Guangzhou University
Russian Гуанчжоуский университет
Japanese 広州大学
Chinese 广州大学
cy Prifysgol Guangzhou
fa دانشگاه گوانگژو
ga Ollscoil Guangzhou
he אוניברסיטת גואנגג'ואו
da Guangzhou Universitet
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