Ranking  377      20
Country China
City Nanjing
Bachelor (foreigners)2,766 USD/year.
Master (foreigners)2,766 USD/year.
Cost of living $410-827 USD/Month.
Official Website
General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation SEU
Teachers 2,455
Students 31,397
Foreigners 3%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
Gender limitation No limits
Campus type Urban
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Library Available
Strive for Perfection
• Education Department, Jiangsu Province
World ranking377
Country ranking20
Quality of teaching400
Citations per Faculty228
Ranking in world by sphere
Engineering and Technology306
Ranking in world by discipline
Computer Science151
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking377
QS World University Rankings467
ARWU Academic Ranking301
Webometrics Ranking301
Alternative title
Russian Юго-восточный университет
Spanish Universidad del Sudeste
Chinese 东南大学
Arabic جامعة جنوب شرق الصين
French Université du Sud-est
German Südost Universität
Japanese 東南大学
Korean 동남대학
Portuguese Universidade do Sudeste
Location on map - Southeast University
Southeast University or 东南大学 (SEU) - public higher education institution in China.

Description of Southeast University

Southeast University (SEU) is one of the national key universities administered directly under the Central Government and the Ministry of Education of China. It is also one of the universities of Project 211 and Program 985 financed by the Central Government to build as a world-class university. Located in the ancient capital city of Nanjing, Southeast University has such campuses as Sipailou, Jiulonghu and Dingjiaqiao, covering a total area of about 393 hectares. Southeast University has become a comprehensive and research-oriented university featuring the coordinated development of such multi-disciplines as science, engineering, medicine, literature, law, philosophy, education, economics, management, art, etc., with engineering as its focus. The university boasts a high-level faculty of 2659 full-time teachers, 75.8% of whom have doctoral degrees. Of the teachers, there are 1800 full or associate professors, 786 doctoral supervisors, 1786 supervisors for masters, 11 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering, 2 members of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 13 members of the discipline review group of the State Council, 27 distinguished experts of the national “Thousand Talents Program”, 40 “Cheung Kong Scholar” Professors, 5 winners of the national awards for top teachers, 35 teachers granted with funds from the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, 3 preeminent experts in the national high-tech development project known as “Program 863”, 1 expert in the International Science & Technology Program, 2 experts in national major special projects, 20 teachers elected into the Talents Project initiated by the Ministry of Personnel of China for the development of high-level professionals and technical talents, and 2 teachers among the “National Ten Outstanding Young Jurists”. The current number of its full-time students is 30949, including 10730 postgraduates and 3571 Ph.D students. The university now comprises 29 schools or departments with 75 undergraduate disciplines in all. It boasts 29 and 49 disciplines respectively authorized to confer Ph.D. degrees and master’s degrees, 5 national key disciplines (comprising 15 sub-disciplines), 5 national key sub-disciplines, 1 national key (development) discipline, 13 disciplines in the development project for strong disciplines of universities based in Jiangsu Province, 14 provincial key disciplines and 30 post-doctoral research stations. It also boasts an array of key scientific research bases, including 3 national key laboratories, 3 national engineering research centers, 2 national research centers for engineering technology, 1 national professional laboratory, as well as 11 key laboratories and 5 engineering research centers granted by the Ministry of Education, etc.. In recent years, Southeast University, with its painstaking effort in discipline development, has achieved plentiful accomplishments. In the third round of China Discipline Ranking in 2012, 15 disciplines rank among the top 20% of all nationwide, 12 among the top seven, and 10 among the top five. Specially, the three disciplines of biomedical engineering, communication and transportation engineering as well as art theory rank first nationwide; besides, the three disciplines of architecture, electronic science and technology as well as landscape architecture rank nationally second; the two disciplines of civil engineering as well as urban and rural planning, nationally third; the discipline of information and communication engineering, fourth; the discipline of instrument science and technology, fifth; the discipline of power engineering and engineering thermophysics, sixth; and the discipline of public health and preventive medicine, seventh. In addition, the seven disciplines of engineering science, materials science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, clinical medicine and computer science rank among the top 1% of global ESI database, of which the discipline of engineering occupies the 75th place, among the top 1 ‰ of global ESI database. Southeast University is among the ten pilot colleges and universities for the reform of higher engineering education co-initiated by the Ministry of Education and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and one of the first colleges and universities carrying out the “education and development plan for outstanding engineers” and the “national innovative experiment plan for undergraduates” under the Ministry of Education; it is also among the first pilot colleges and universities for the implementation of the “education and development plan for outstanding doctors” co-initiated by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, as well as one of the pilot schools for the reform of the development mode for top and innovative medical professionals and of the five-year development mode for clinical medical professionals. A total of 5 disciplines are selected into the state-level comprehensive pilot reform project and 23 are selected as the construction points of national characteristic disciplines; besides, 40 courses are awarded as the national superior courses, 35 courses selected into the national course resource sharing construction program, 7 courses awarded as national public video courses, 7 experiment centers selected among the state-level demonstration centers and construction points for experiment teaching, and 1 center is selected as national virtual simulation experiment teaching center. 52 professors are selected into the National Steering Committee for Education and Instruction, among which 5 are selected as chairmen in related disciplines in institution for higher learning of the National Steering Committee for Education and Instruction, 7 are selected as vice-chairmen in the committee. 11 teams are awarded as the state-level teaching teams of innovation which have won the national first prize for teaching achievements for three years in succession. 64 textbooks in 30 categories are selected as 12th Five-Year national programmed textbooks for undergraduate education. In addition, Southeast University boasts 4 national bases, 12 national trial plots for innovation in the personnel development mode, as well as 12 national education centers for engineering practice.
In terms of postgraduate education, Southeast University, in its effort to cultivate top-quality innovation-minded talents, has been pushing forward the reform in postgraduate education by continually changing the mode of teaching and optimizing the curriculum system. Respectively 20 and 31 dissertations in total have been awarded or nominated as the “National One-Hundred Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations”, with 4 awarded and 3 nominated in 2013. Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou) co-built with Monash University of Australia, the first of its kind approved by the Ministry of Education, has had an enrollment of 386 students, 26 of whom have graduated; the collaboration with University of Rennes One of France has blazed a trail for the cooperation in postgraduate development and scientific research. Currently, about 1219 international students from various countries and region are studying in the university for their master’s or doctor’s degrees. Southeast University’s research fund reached RMB 1658 million in 2014. The applications for invention patents total 1914, of which 703 are licensed; besides, 13 PCT patents are applied for. The up-to-date statistics in 2014 show 1790 SCI papers and 1969 EI papers. Professor Lv Zhitao and his team won the National First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in 2014. The university, as the first completion unit, has won in total 1 National First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress, 1 National Second Prize of the Natural Science Award, 1 National Second Prize for Technological Innovation, and 2 Second Prizes for Scientific and Technological Progress in 2014. In the past five years, SEU, as the lead-taking institution, has won 18 state-level science-and-technology-related awards. In addition, the university has won 13 awards in the recent three appraisals of prizes for outstanding achievements in the humanities and social sciences of colleges and universities initiated by the Ministry of Education, including 1 first prize, 5 second prizes, and 7 third prizes; and it won 27 awards for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences by the People's Government of Jiangsu Province in 2014, including 4 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 15 third prizes. In the last five years, SEU, as the lead-taking institution, has obtained 73 projects supported by National Social Science Foundation of China, of which 5 are major ones. In addition to the excellence in research and student cultivation, Southeast University is also taking an active part in setting up international cooperative programs with other countries. Up to now, it has signed agreements for friendly cooperation with more than 100 universities, research institutes or corporations including Cambridge University, University of Maryland, Lehigh University, ETH Zürich, Tohoku University, Technical University of Munich, University of Ulm, Monash University of Australia, University of Rennes One, etc., which has contributed a great deal to the overall strength, international fame and development of the university. There are 1656 international students from more than 100 countries studying in SEU, including 1219 degree students. We have also established 3 Confucius Institutes in the United States and The Republic of Belarus. The university library covers an area of 66,900 square meters, with a collection of 3,971,700 books and materials of all kinds. In the new century, SEU will intensify its reforms while carrying on its fine traditions. Aiming at excellence and innovativeness, it is headed for an international famous comprehensive and research-based university around 2020, and a world-class university with global vision around 2035.

Programs - Bachelor - Southeast University

Bachelor Art
Bachelor Automation
Bachelor Biological Engineering
Bachelor Biomedical Engineering (Class)
Bachelor Biomedical Engineering (Seven-Year)
Bachelor Business Administration Class (Business Administration And Management Science And Engineering)
Bachelor Chemical And Pharmaceutical Science
Bachelor Civil Engineering (Architecture)
Bachelor Civil Engineering (Civil)
Bachelor Clinical Medicine (Seven-Year)
Bachelor Clinical Medicine And Medical Sciences
Bachelor Computer Science And Technology
Bachelor Control Technology And Instrument
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Electrical Engineering And Automation
Bachelor Electronic Science And Technology (Class)
Bachelor Electronic Science And Technology (Class, Wuxi Branch)
Bachelor Energy And Power (Energy And Environment)
Bachelor Engineering Mechanics
Bachelor English
Bachelor Humanities Test Classes
Bachelor Information Engineering
Bachelor Information Engineering (Wuxi Branch)
Bachelor Japanese Language
Bachelor Labor And Social Security
Bachelor Law
Bachelor Machinery
Bachelor Materials Science And Engineering
Bachelor Mathematics
Bachelor Nursing
Bachelor Of Transportation (Transportation And Civil Engineering And Traffic Engineering)
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Preventive Medicine
Bachelor Science Education
Bachelor Software Engineering Masters Degree Programs
Bachelor Accounting
Bachelor Accounting (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Administration
Bachelor Analytical Chemistry
Bachelor Ancient Chinese Literature
Bachelor Anesthesiology
Bachelor Applied Computer Technology
Bachelor Applied Mathematics
Bachelor Applied Psychology
Bachelor Applied Statistics (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Architecture
Bachelor Architecture (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Architecture And Civil Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Art And Design (Degree)
Bachelor Art Theory
Bachelor Asset Assessment (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Basic Mathematics
Bachelor Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
Bachelor Biomaterials And Tissue Engineering
Bachelor Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor Biophysics
Bachelor Book Information And Records Management
Bachelor Bridge And Tunnel Engineering
Bachelor Business Administration (Degree)
Bachelor Business Management
Bachelor Carrier Engineering
Bachelor Cartography And Geographic Information Engineering
Bachelor Chemical Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Chemical Engineering And Technology
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Chinese Internal Medicine
Bachelor Chinese Modern And Contemporary Literature
Bachelor Circuits And Systems
Bachelor Civil Engineering
Bachelor Civil Engineering & Management
Bachelor Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
Bachelor Computational Mathematics
Bachelor Computer Software And Theory
Bachelor Computer System Architecture
Bachelor Computer Technology (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Control Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Control Theory And Control Engineering
Bachelor Curriculum And Pedagogy
Bachelor Design
Bachelor Detection Technology And Automation Devices
Bachelor Developmental Biology
Bachelor Ecology
Bachelor Educational Technology
Bachelor Electrical Engineering
Bachelor Electrical Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Electronics And Communication Engineering (Degree)
Bachelor Emergency Medicine
Bachelor English Interpretation (Professional Degree)
Bachelor English Language And Literature
Bachelor English Translation (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Environmental Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Environmental Science And Engineering
Bachelor Epidemiology And Health Statistics
Bachelor Ethics
Bachelor Field And Microwave Technology
Bachelor Finance
Bachelor Finance (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Fine Arts
Bachelor Fine Arts (Degree)
Bachelor Foreign Linguistics And Applied Linguistics
Bachelor Foreign Philosophy
Bachelor General And Fundamental Mechanics
Bachelor Genetics
Bachelor Geodesy And Surveying Engineering
Bachelor Geotechnical Engineering
Bachelor Harbor, Coastal And Offshore Engineering
Bachelor Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation And Air Conditioning Engineering
Bachelor Higher Education
Bachelor Human Anatomy And Embryology
Bachelor Hydraulic Engineering (Degree)
Bachelor Hygienic Toxicology
Bachelor Ic Design
Bachelor Image Processing And Scientific Visualization
Bachelor Imaging And Nuclear Medicine
Bachelor Immunology
Bachelor Industrial Design
Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Industrial Economics
Bachelor Information And Communication Engineering
Bachelor Instrument Science And Technology
Bachelor Instrumentation Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Internal Medicine
Bachelor International Business (Professional Degree)
Bachelor International Trade
Bachelor Japanese Language And Literature
Bachelor Landscape Architecture
Bachelor Landscape Architecture (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Law (The Illegal School) (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Learning Science
Bachelor Management Science And Engineering
Bachelor Manufacturing Industrial Engineering
Bachelor Marxist Philosophy
Bachelor Marxist Theory
Bachelor Materials Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Materials Physics And Chemistry
Bachelor Mechanical And Electronic Engineering
Bachelor Mechanical Design And Theory
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering (Degree)
Bachelor Mechanical Manufacturing And Automation
Bachelor Microelectronics And Solid State Electronics
Bachelor Municipal Engineering
Bachelor National Economics
Bachelor Navigation, Guidance And Control
Bachelor Neurobiology
Bachelor Neurology
Bachelor Nutrition And Food Hygiene
Bachelor Obstetrics And Gynecology
Bachelor Occupational And Environmental Health
Bachelor Oncology
Bachelor Operational Research And Cybernetics
Bachelor Ophthalmology
Bachelor Optical Engineering
Bachelor Otorhinolaryngology
Bachelor Pathogen Biology
Bachelor Pathology And Pathophysiology
Bachelor Pattern Recognition And Intelligent Systems
Bachelor Pediatrics
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Engineering
Bachelor Pharmacology
Bachelor Philosophy Of Science And Technology
Bachelor Photogrammetry And Remote Sensing
Bachelor Physical Education
Bachelor Physical Electronics
Bachelor Physiology
Bachelor Political Theory
Bachelor Power Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Power Engineering And Engineering Thermophysics
Bachelor Project Management (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Psychiatry And Mental Hygiene
Bachelor Public Administration (Degree)
Bachelor Public Health (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Regional Economics
Bachelor Road And Railway Engineering
Bachelor Science And Technology Education
Bachelor Social Security
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Software Engineering
Bachelor Software Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Solid Mechanics
Bachelor Statistics
Bachelor Surgery
Bachelor Surveying Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Systems Analysis And Integration
Bachelor Systems Engineering
Bachelor Technology Economy And Management
Bachelor The Ic Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Tourism Management
Bachelor Tourism Management (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Traffic Information Engineering And Control
Bachelor Traffic Mapping And It
Bachelor Traffic Underground Engineering
Bachelor Transportation Engineering (Professional Degree)
Bachelor Transportation Planning And Management
Bachelor Urban And Rural Planning
Bachelor Vehicle Engineering
Bachelor Vocational And Technical Education Doctoral Programs
Bachelor Biology
Bachelor Financial Engineering
Bachelor Ideological And Political Education
Bachelor The Basic Principles Of Marxism
Bachelor Transportation Engineering
Bachelor Urban And Rural Planning School
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