General information about Hard Bargain
Region Moore’s Island 45
Time ZoneAmerica/Nassau
Coordinates of Hard Bargain
Time ZoneAmerica/Nassau
GMT -5
DST -4
Elevation (STRM3)7 m.
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Weather, climate, temperature by months in Hard Bargain

Record high°C37333129312732313333383338
Average high°C30282624232325262830313127
Average temperature°C27262321202022232527282824
Average low°C25222018171718202225262521
Record low°C181311656711151518205
Average precipitationMm.2501708070505060501401601402001420
Relative humidity%80757575757570707075757574
Relative humidity morning%88878684838081788184848684
Relative humidity evening%70686866666362606468676866
Wind speedKm/h14161617161919161714161416
Day LengthHours13121111111212131414141313
Dew point°C232018161515161620222323227
Growing degree-day°C5334914083533272983704084825255775685342
Solar radiation, globalMj/m220171411131620242624252319
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Hard Bargain - Closest airports

Total 10 items.
32 kmTreasure Cay AirportTreasure CayM
33 kmMarsh Harbour International AirportMarsh HarbourM
43 kmGreat Harbour Cay AirportM
65 kmChub Cay AirportM
72 kmGrand Bahama International AirportFreeportM
80 kmNorth Eleuthera AirportNorth EleutheraM
89 kmLynden Pindling International AirportNassauL
92 kmSan Andros AirportAndros IslandM
105 kmGovernor's Harbour AirportGovernor's HarbourM
113 kmAndros Town AirportM

Cities close to Hard Bargain

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CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
76 km BahamasNew ProvidenceNassau227,940966 USD7.06.46.6
61 km BahamasFreeportLucaya46,525
0 km BahamasMoore’s IslandHard Bargain0
79 km BahamasWest Grand BahamaWest End12,724
148 km BahamasBlack PointBlack Point0
79 km BahamasNorth AndrosSan Andros7,800
100 km BahamasCentral EleutheraGovernor's Harbour0
33 km BahamasNorth AbacoCooper's Town8,413
194 km BahamasExumaGeorge Town7,314
282 km BahamasCrooked Island and Long CayColonel Hill240