General information about Colonel Hill
Region Crooked Island and Long Cay 40
Time ZoneAmerica/Nassau
Coordinates of Colonel Hill
Time ZoneAmerica/Nassau
GMT -5
DST -4
Elevation (STRM3)5 m.
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Colonel Hill - Closest airports

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2 kmColonel Hill AirportColonel HillM
26 kmSpring Point AirportSpring PointM
64 kmDeadman's Cay AirportDeadman's CayM
80 kmMayaguana AirportMayaguanaM
89 kmStella Maris AirportStella MarisM
93 kmSan Salvador AirportSan SalvadorM
105 kmDuncan Town AirportM
112 kmGeorge Town AirportGeorge TownM
120 kmExuma International AirportGeorge TownM
128 kmInagua AirportMatthew TownM

Cities close to Colonel Hill

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CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
221 km BahamasNew ProvidenceNassau227,940966 USD7.06.46.6
333 km BahamasFreeportLucaya46,525
282 km BahamasMoore’s IslandHard Bargain0
351 km BahamasWest Grand BahamaWest End12,724
145 km BahamasBlack PointBlack Point0
252 km BahamasNorth AndrosSan Andros7,800
183 km BahamasCentral EleutheraGovernor's Harbour0
306 km BahamasNorth AbacoCooper's Town8,413
99 km BahamasExumaGeorge Town7,314
0 km BahamasCrooked Island and Long CayColonel Hill240