General information about Taiohae
CountryFrench Polynesia
Region Îles Marquises 04
Time ZonePacific/Marquesas
Coordinates of Taiohae
Time ZonePacific/Marquesas
GMT -9.5
DST -9.5
Elevation (STRM3)23 m.
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Taiohae - Closest airports

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12 kmNuku Hiva AirportM
95 kmHiva Oa-Atuona AirportHiva Oa IslandM

Cities close to Taiohae

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CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
762 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentPunaauia25,750
759 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentFaaa29,851
752 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentMahina14,369
755 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentPirae14,475
753 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentArue9,458
0 km French PolynesiaÎles MarquisesTaiohae1,224
757 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentPapeete26,357
765 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentPapao10,360
812 km French PolynesiaLeeward IslandsUturoa3,668
754 km French PolynesiaAfaahiti5,186