General information about Faaa
CountryFrench Polynesia
Region Îles du Vent 01
Time ZonePacific/Tahiti
Coordinates of Faaa
Time ZonePacific/Tahiti
GMT -10
DST -10
Elevation (STRM3)5 m.
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Weather, climate, temperature by months in Faaa

Record high°C32323333333333333232313133
Average high°C30303131313131313030303031
Average temperature°C25252626262626262525252526
Average low°C20212122222222222120202021
Record low°C16161718191919191816161616
Average precipitationMm.50801603003302901601701208060401840
Relative humidity%79787980808081828182808180
Day LengthHours12131314131313121212121212
Dew point°C212122222222232322212121261
Growing degree-day°C4584914925175254795255084914584654655874
Solar radiation, globalMj/m222232422242323201616171921
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Faaa - Closest airports

Total 10 items.
1 kmFaa'a International AirportPapeeteM
11 kmMoorea AirportM
111 kmHuahine-Fare AirportFareM
136 kmRaiatea AirportUturoaM
161 kmBora Bora AirportMotu MuteM
191 kmTikehau AirportM
191 kmMaupiti AirportM
194 kmMataiva AirportM
221 kmRangiroa AirportM
222 kmKaukura AirportM

Cities close to Faaa

Showing 1-10 of 11 items.
CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
5 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentPunaauia25,750
0 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentFaaa29,851
7 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentMahina14,369
4 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentPirae14,475
6 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentArue9,458
759 km French PolynesiaÎles MarquisesTaiohae1,224
2 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentPapeete26,357
12 km French PolynesiaÎles du VentPapao10,360
117 km French PolynesiaLeeward IslandsUturoa3,668
22 km French PolynesiaAfaahiti5,186