General information about Kavieng
CountryPapua New Guinea
Region New Ireland 15
Region 2Kavieng 2094341
Time ZonePacific/Port_Moresby
Coordinates of Kavieng
Time ZonePacific/Port_Moresby
GMT +10
DST +10
Elevation (STRM3)6 m.
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Kavieng - Closest airports

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0 kmKavieng AirportKaviengM
163 kmTokua AirportTokuaM
201 kmKimbe AirportHoskinsM
236 kmMomote AirportManus IslandM

Cities close to Kavieng

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CountryRegionCityPopulationCostsLive qualityClimateSafety
465 km Papua New GuineaNational CapitalPort Moresby283,733
386 km Papua New GuineaEastern HighlandsGoroka18,503
138 km Papua New GuineaEast New BritainKokopo26,273
338 km Papua New GuineaMorobeLae76,255
339 km Papua New GuineaMadangMadang27,419
406 km Papua New GuineaChimbuKundiawa9,383
0 km Papua New GuineaNew IrelandKavieng14,490
417 km Papua New GuineaJiwakaMinj0
608 km Papua New GuineaWestern ProvinceKiunga11,536
288 km Papua New GuineaBougainvilleBuka0