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  • Shanghai Tongji University, BBA
  • Shanghai Jiaotong University, Master of International Business
  • Autonomous University of Madrid, exchange program

Language confirmation

IELTS — 7.5

HSK — 5

Scholarships and grants

Chinese Government Scholarship

Erasmus Mundus

Travel and educational trips

Germany Spain France South Korea Philippines Egypt UAE Turkey Hungary China Jordan Portugal
  • Higher education
  • Secondary education
  • Preparatory programs
  • Language courses

Getting to know the mentor

What is the hardest thing about being a mentor?

What makes mentoring both challenging and rewarding is guiding the applicant in discovering their ideal study path and specialization, while ensuring all essential documents are well-prepared.

What is the question most frequently asked by applicants?

One question stands out as the most frequently asked: "Can you help me put together my portfolio, motivation letter, and other necessary documents?"

Why did you choose to learn Chinese?

I began studying Chinese at a school in Moscow, due to my genuine fascination with the language and culture. During my subsequent language internships in Beijing and Shanghai, I was determined to pursue a bachelor's degree there without hesitation.

Why did you decide to help students study abroad?

With my own personal experiences of successfully enrolling and studying in both China and Spain, coupled with winning two substantial grants, I find great joy in helping applicants prepare flawless applications and gain admission to the universities of their dreams.

What did you do before joining UniPage?

While studying, I served as an English tutor for Chinese children. Following that, I completed an internship at Tongji University, where I assisted in the registration process for foreign students and supervised a group of MBA students.

Tell us about your internship/study/work experience abroad.

My experience abroad encompasses significant work exposure. Following my master's degree, I took on the role of an account manager at various prominent IT companies, both in China and the Czech Republic.

Do you have a favorite country or specialization that you enjoy working with?

I hold a strong preference for working with China, finding it particularly intriguing to work with universities in Shanghai.

How many countries have you visited, and what was your most memorable trip?

I have lived in numerous countries across Europe and Asia, considering myself a well-traveled individual. Among all the countries I've lived in — again, China stands out. I spent 8 years there, and what sets the country apart is its rapid development, being at the forefront of applying new technologies and maintaining high living standards in major cities.

How do you relax or spend your free time?

I study Spanish, engage in sports activities, and enjoy playing with my cat. More so, I have a deep passion for traveling and meeting new people.