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  • Kabardino-Balkarian State University, Diploma of Specialist: Economics
  • University of Oxford, M.Sc Politics and International Relations

Scientific and teaching activity

University of Oxford, assistant professor

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Travel and educational trips

  • Higher education
  • Secondary education
  • Preparatory programs
  • Language courses

Getting to know the mentor

What is the hardest thing about being a mentor?

Perhaps the biggest challenge lies in understanding and adapting to the student's attitude and riding the overall wave of their progress. Once achieved, the task becomes significantly more manageable.

What is the question most frequently asked by applicants?

Most often — "We don't know which direction to pursue. What do you think would be the best fit for us?" or "What are our strengths and weaknesses?" And, of course, "How can you help?" The work of a mentor is akin to that of a psychologist who helps you look inside yourself, correctly set priorities, and make informed decisions.

Why did you choose to learn German?

In my school, there was an exceptional German teacher who was widely regarded as the best — not just by me, but also by other students and teachers. He had the remarkable ability to ignite curiosity among his students, possessed emotional empathy, and communicated with each student in German.

Why did you decide to help students study abroad?

Studying abroad offers the opportunity to explore another country, acquire international communication skills, unlock exceptional career prospects, and, above all, foster self-discovery. I take great pleasure in guiding students towards discovering and opening the door to their inner selves.

What did you do before joining UniPage?

I worked for another educational agency.

Tell us about your internship/study/work experience abroad.

Students from Russia possess a remarkable degree of perfectionism, setting high standards for themselves. Drawing from my own personal experience at one of the top universities in the world, I can say that calmness, lightness, and an ability to live the joy of the present moment certainly help the learning process.

Do you have a favorite country or specialization that you enjoy working with?

Most definitely, top universities in the UK. It's truly gratifying to witness even the most daring dreams come true.

How many countries have you visited, and what was your most memorable trip?

Singling out just one is challenging — each journey leaves its own indelible mark, largely due to the incredible people I encounter along the way.

How do you relax or spend your free time?

Nothing beats outdoor recreation as the ultimate form of relaxation. I can experience a profound connection with nature, revel in the breathtaking landscapes, and relish the purity of the air. The harmony, energy, and magnificence of our planet Earth never cease to captivate me.

List of educational institutions with successful enrollment

London School of EconomicsUnited KingdomMasterConflict Studies
London School of EconomicsUnited KingdomBachelorFinance, Economics
The University of St AndrewsUnited KingdomMasterArtificial Intelligence
The University of WarwickUnited KingdomMasterAccounting and Finance
University of SheffieldUnited KingdomMasterPolitical Theory
The University of EdinburghUnited KingdomMasterApplied Linguistics
The University of ManchesterUnited KingdomBachelorCivil Engineering
University of BathUnited KingdomMasterInternational Education and Globalisation
King's College LondonUnited KingdomMasterThe Financial Mathematics
University of ManchesterUnited KingdomBachelorFinance
Freie Universität BerlinGermanyBachelorNorth American Studies
Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI)GermanyBachelorEconomics and Business Administration
Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI)GermanyMasterFashion Retail and Luxury Management
Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI)GermanyMasterInternational Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management
Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI)GermanyMasterStrategic Marketing
GBSB Global Business SchoolSpainBBAAdministration in PR & Communication
GBSB Global Business SchoolSpainBBAManagement
GBSB Global Business SchoolSpainBBAMarketing
GBSB Global Business SchoolSpainBBADigital Business
GBSB Global Business SchoolSpainBBAFashion & Luxury Business
VŠECzech RepublicBachelorFinance and Accounting
VŠECzech RepublicBachelorInternational Relations
The King’s Hospital SchoolIrelandSecondary Education
Rockwell CollegeIrelandSecondary Education
Istituto MarangoniItalyBachelorDesign Fashion
Malta CrownMaltaSecondary Education
USA Hebron Academy, Hillside SchoolUnited StatesSecondary Education
University of IcelandIcelandBachelorIcelandic as a second language
University of ZurichSwitzerlandMasterComparative and International Studies