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Ancient Greece is considered one of the greatest civilizations in world history. It seems that everything was born here: art, literature, philosophy, medicine, and much more.

Despite the fact that modern Greece is known to many primarily as a tourist destination, the heritage of ancient civilization is still alive in the field of education. Universities in the country have a high level of academic freedom, and students enjoy special benefits and discounts.

You can study both in Greek and English. By the way, programs for learning modern and ancient Greek are the strongest and most popular in the country.

If you want to learn more about higher education in Greece, our articles will help you understand how everything works.

Greek education

  1. Education in Greece

    Education in Greek universities is free even for foreigners. Interested? Learn details about admission, residence and student visa in the article.

  2. Universities in Greece

    Studying in Greece is an opportunity to get a European diploma and avoid high costs. After all, public universities in Greece are free even for foreigners.

  3. Language Courses in Greece

    Everything you need to know about language courses in Greece: admission, tuition fees, best language schools, programs, and how to get a visa.

Best universities in Greece