Touch typing

Touch typing is a special method of typing text without looking at the keyboard. Muscle memory is trained for this, with fingers positioned on the keyboard in a certain way that is memorized and honed to the point where there is no need to look at the keyboard anymore.

Learning and practicing this skill may take time, but the effort is worth it. Touch typing can significantly increase typing speed, reduce the number of typos, and even reduce hand and eye fatigue — there is no need to constantly switch between the monitor and keyboard and strain your vision.

Our series of articles is completely devoted to touch typing — what it is and why you need this skill, how to improve it, and what exercises to use.

  1. What is touch typing

    We will tell you what touch typing is. Advantages and disadvantages of touch typing. How to learn to touch fast and why you need it.

  2. How to learn Touch Typing

    Advice for those who want to learn touch typing. See how to choose typing tutor, and what mistakes you should avoid while learning touch typing.

  3. Best Websites to Learn Touch Typing

    Want to learn how to touch-type? We made a list of the best websites to learn touch typing from scratch. All typing tutors were rated based on four criteria. Find your typing tutor and learn how to type faster.

  4. How I learned Touch Typing

    How I learned to type faster and became a touch typing addict. In this article, I'll tell you about my experience: what kind of mistakes I made, and how you can avoid them.