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Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, known for its pleasant climate, clean beaches, and rich history.

Education in Cyprus is based on the British model since the island was a British colony for a long time. You can study in English while enjoying life on the coast. At the same time, students confirm their language skills with entrance tests — IELTS is not required for admission.

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Cyprus education

  1. Education in Cyprus

    Education in Cyprus is based on the British model. Studying in English here is much cheaper than in England. Read what else is special about education in Cyprus, how much it costs and how to admit.

  2. Universities in Cyprus

    Find out everything about universities in Cyprus: admission, programs, cost, pros and cons of studying.

  3. Language courses in Cyprus

    Language courses in Cyprus are chosen by supporters of productive vacation. Here, you can swim in the Mediterranean, get a tan, and at the same time improve your English. Such a vacation will be remembered not only by adults, but also by children.

Best universities in Cyprus