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Switzerland is primarily the Alps. Then there are the famous banks, no less famous chocolate, and watch workshops.

But few people know that Switzerland has one of the best education systems in the world. A thriving economy and a high standard of living leave their mark on local universities. Here, management, banking, hotel business, and tourism are taught perfectly. Switzerland is also home to the best business schools in the world.

Switzerland, like Belgium, is a kind of "melting pot" of cultures. There are four official languages in the country, and education is conducted in all of them. People often come here for German and French language courses.

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Swiss education

  1. Education in Switzerland

    High quality education in Switzerland will coast you a pretty penny. Let's figure out its pros, cons and learn how to enter a Swiss university and successfully graduate.

  2. Admission process in Switzerland

    It is not usually possible to enroll at a university in Switzerland after graduating from the 11th grade, but there are exceptions. Universities in this country are autonomous. Therefore, they establish their own rules for accepting students. Some will require you to complete two years of bachelor’s study in your home country, while others only need you to pass an entrance exam.

  3. German courses in Switzerland

    How much does a language course in Switzerland cost, what are the requirements and features, and how to choose the best city to study German.

Best universities in Switzerland