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Student cities in Sweden
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StockholmStockholm, Stockholms Kommun211253309
UppsalaUppsala, Uppsala Kommun3127734
GoeteborgVästra Götaland, Göteborgs stad3504084
LundSkåne, Lunds Kommun276263
GavleGävleborg, Gävle Kommun268635
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General information about Malmoe
Region Skåne 27
Region 2Malmö 1280
Time ZoneEurope/Stockholm
Educational organizations in Malmoe
Commercial, Private,22
Universities, Colleges2
Healthcare, Medical2
Educational institutions2
Government, Bureaus1
Cost of living in Malmoe
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 270 348
Food 225 418
Transportation 45 168
Communications and utilities 49 49
Clothing 31 115
Sports and leisure 22 94
Accommodation in Malmoe USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre273
Shared room in city centre352
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre450
1 bedroom apartment in city centre632
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