Ranking  400      1
دانشگاه تهران
Country Iran
City Tehran
Bachelor (foreigners)9,000 USD/year.
Master (foreigners)7,000 USD/year.
Cost of living $479-767 USD/Month.
Official Website
General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Established 1934
Abbreviation UT
Teachers 1,842
Students 32,950
Foreigners 1%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on entrance examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
Rest not a moment from learning
• Ministry of Science Research and Technology, Iran
• Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW)
World ranking400
Country ranking1
Citations per Faculty316
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking400
QS World University Rankings598
ARWU Academic Ranking201
Webometrics Ranking427
Cost of living in Tehran
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 215 304
Food 102 195
Transportation 14 37
Communications and utilities 110 86
Clothing 23 85
Sports and leisure 15 60
Accommodation in Tehran USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre217
Shared room in city centre307
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre331
1 bedroom apartment in city centre472
Alternative title
Arabic جامعة طهران
German Universität Teheran
Spanish Universidad de Teherán
fa دانشگاه تهران
French Université de Téhéran
Japanese テヘラン大学
Korean 테헤란대학
Portuguese Universidade de Teerão
Russian Университет Тегерана
Chinese 德黑兰大学
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University of Tehran or دانشگاه تهران (UT) - public higher education institution in Iran.

Description of University of Tehran

Universityof Tehran, The Symbol of Iranian Higher Education University of Tehran, is the oldest and largest university in Iran established in 1934 known as the Symbol of Iranian Higher Education. University of Tehran is offering a wide selection of programs at undergraduate, postgraduate levels as well as various research activities in science and technology.

Programs - Bachelor - University of Tehran

Bachelor Accounting
Bachelor Agricultural Economics
Bachelor Agricultural Extension and Education
Bachelor Agricultural Machinery
Bachelor Agronomy & Plant Breeding
Bachelor Agronomy and Plant Breeding
Bachelor Animal Science (Livestock, and Poultry)
Bachelor Animal Sciences
Bachelor Anthropology
Bachelor Applied Chemistry
Bachelor Applied Mathematics
Bachelor Aquaculture and Fisheries
Bachelor Aquatic Ecology
Bachelor Arabic Language & Literature
Bachelor Arabic Language and Literature
Bachelor Archeology
Bachelor Architecture
Bachelor Atomic and Molecular Physics
Bachelor Business Management
Bachelor Cartography
Bachelor Cell and Molecular Biology
Bachelor Cellulose Industries
Bachelor Civil Engineering
Bachelor Civil Engineering; Surveying
Bachelor Clinical Psychology
Bachelor Computer Hardware
Bachelor Computer Science
Bachelor Computer Software
Bachelor Condensed Matter and Solid State Physics
Bachelor Educational Administration & Planning
Bachelor Educational Technology
Bachelor Electronics and Medical Engineering
Bachelor Elementary Particle Physics
Bachelor Environmental Sciences
Bachelor Extracting Metallurgy
Bachelor Farsi Language & Literature
Bachelor Financial Management
Bachelor Fluid Mechanic
Bachelor Food and Polymer Industries
Bachelor Food Science and Technology
Bachelor Forestry and Forest Economics
Bachelor French Language & Literature
Bachelor Geology
Bachelor German Translation
Bachelor Gravitation and Astrophysics
Bachelor Guidance & Counseling
Bachelor History
Bachelor History of Civilization of Islamic Nations
Bachelor Horticultural Plant Production
Bachelor Horticultural Science
Bachelor Human Geography
Bachelor Industrial Design
Bachelor Industrial Metallurgy
Bachelor Information Technology
Bachelor Insurance Management
Bachelor International Marketing
Bachelor Irrigation Engineering
Bachelor Islamic Jurisprudence and Principles of Islamic Law
Bachelor Italian Language
Bachelor Japanese Language & Literature
Bachelor Jurisprudence and Islamic Law
Bachelor Landscape Design.
Bachelor Law
Bachelor Machinery Agricultural Mechanization
Bachelor Marketing
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering of Agricultural
Bachelor Microbiology
Bachelor Mining Chemical Industries
Bachelor Mining Exploration
Bachelor Mining Extraction Engineering
Bachelor Nuclear Physics
Bachelor Oil and Gas Refinery Industries
Bachelor Painting
Bachelor Performance Arts
Bachelor Petrochemical
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Philosophy and Islamic Kalam
Bachelor Philosophy of Religion
Bachelor Photography
Bachelor Physical Education
Bachelor Physical Geography
Bachelor Planning For Social Welfare
Bachelor Planning of System Analysis
Bachelor Plant Protection
Bachelor Plant Sciences
Bachelor Playing-Directing
Bachelor Political Science
Bachelor Power
Bachelor Psychology & Education of Exceptional Children
Bachelor Public Management
Bachelor Pulp and Paper Technology
Bachelor Puppet Theater
Bachelor Pure Chemistry
Bachelor Pure Mathematics
Bachelor Quranic Science and Hadith
Bachelor Quranic Sciences and Hadith
Bachelor Range &Watershed Management
Bachelor Religion and Mysticism
Bachelor Russian Language & Literature
Bachelor Scenery Design
Bachelor Sculpture
Bachelor Shaafei Jurisprudence
Bachelor Social Communication
Bachelor Social Sciences, Research
Bachelor Soil Science
Bachelor Solid Mechanic
Bachelor Sports Management
Bachelor Statistics
Bachelor Telecommunication
Bachelor Theoretical Economics
Bachelor Urban Planning Engineering
Bachelor Urdu Language & Literature
Bachelor Water Engineering
Bachelor Western Philosophy
Bachelor Wood and Paper Science and Technology
Bachelor Wood Biology and Protection
Bachelor Wood Products Masters Degree Programs
Bachelor Administrative Management
Bachelor Adult Education
Bachelor Advanced Information Systems
Bachelor Agric. Policy and Development
Bachelor Agricultural Education
Bachelor Agricultural Entomology
Bachelor Agricultural Extension
Bachelor Agricultural Mechanization
Bachelor Agricultural Meteorology
Bachelor Air Pollution
Bachelor Analytical Chemistry
Bachelor Ancient Languages & Cultures
Bachelor Animal Biosystematics,
Bachelor Animal Physiology,
Bachelor Animal Science(Nutrition, Physiology, Breeding and Genetics)
Bachelor Applied Design
Bachelor Arabic Language Translation
Bachelor Architecture and Energy
Bachelor Art Research
Bachelor Astronomy In The Islamic World
Bachelor Biomedical Engineering
Bachelor Biotechnology
Bachelor Biotechnology and Molecular Technology of Horticultural Crops.
Bachelor British Studies
Bachelor Business Creation
Bachelor Business Economics
Bachelor Casting
Bachelor Catalyst and Reaction Engineering
Bachelor Central Asia & Caucasus, Middle East & North Africa, Nafta, Europe
Bachelor Cinema
Bachelor Climatology
Bachelor Combating Desertification
Bachelor Communication
Bachelor Computer Architecture
Bachelor Construction and Production
Bachelor Construction Management
Bachelor Control
Bachelor Criminal Law & Criminology
Bachelor Crop Ecology & Crop Physiology
Bachelor Demography
Bachelor Department of Geological Engineering
Bachelor Department of Sedimentology & Sedimentary Rocks
Bachelor Department of Stratigraphy & Petroleum Geology
Bachelor Department of Tectonic Geology
Bachelor Deserts Management.
Bachelor Development Management
Bachelor Developmental Biology
Bachelor Educational Administration
Bachelor Educational Planning
Bachelor Educational Psychology
Bachelor Electronics
Bachelor Energy Conversion
Bachelor English Language Teaching
Bachelor English Literature
Bachelor Environment Economics
Bachelor Environment Engineering
Bachelor Environmental Design Engineering
Bachelor Environmental Education
Bachelor Environmental Management
Bachelor Environmental Planning
Bachelor Executive Management of Organization
Bachelor Food Biotechnology
Bachelor Food Engineering
Bachelor Food Science
Bachelor Food Technology
Bachelor Forest Engineering
Bachelor Forestry
Bachelor French Studies
Bachelor General Linguistics
Bachelor General Management
Bachelor General Psychology
Bachelor Geodesy
Bachelor Geomorphology
Bachelor German Studies
Bachelor Gis
Bachelor Gis and Remote Sensing (Rs)
Bachelor History of Ancient Iran
Bachelor History of Iran, The Islamic Era
Bachelor History of Islam
Bachelor Horticultural Science (Physiology and Breeding of Fruit & Crops)
Bachelor Housing Architecture
Bachelor Human Resources Management
Bachelor Hydraulic Structures
Bachelor Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
Bachelor Hydrographic
Bachelor Identification
Bachelor Indian Studies
Bachelor Industrial Economics
Bachelor Industrial Engineering
Bachelor Information Resources Management
Bachelor Inorganic Chemistry
Bachelor Interior Architecture
Bachelor International Relations
Bachelor Iranian Studies Political Thought Public Policy
Bachelor Irrigation and Drainage
Bachelor Landscape
Bachelor Machine Intelligence and Robotic
Bachelor Management of Change
Bachelor Management of Production & Operation
Bachelor Manager, Project and Construction
Bachelor Marine Structures
Bachelor Marketing Management
Bachelor Materials Selection and Characterization
Bachelor Mathematics In The Islamic World
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering of Agricultural Machinery
Bachelor Media and Cultural Studies
Bachelor Metals Forming
Bachelor Metals Preservation and Corrosion
Bachelor Mineral Processing
Bachelor Money & Banking Economics
Bachelor Nano Chemistry
Bachelor Nano Physics
Bachelor Natural Disaster Engineering Management
Bachelor North American Studies
Bachelor Oil Exploration Engineering
Bachelor Organic Chemistry
Bachelor Organizational Entrepreneurship
Bachelor Paper Industries
Bachelor Parasitology
Bachelor Pedagogical Researches
Bachelor Petrology
Bachelor Pharmaceutical Engineering
Bachelor Pharmacy In The Islamic World
Bachelor Photogrametry
Bachelor Physical Chemistry
Bachelor Physics In The Islamic World
Bachelor Plant Breeding
Bachelor Plant Pathology
Bachelor Plant Physiology
Bachelor Plant Systematic and Ecology
Bachelor Political Geography
Bachelor Polymer Chemistry
Bachelor Polymer Engineering
Bachelor Private Law
Bachelor Process Engineering
Bachelor Production Economics and Marketing of Agric. Products
Bachelor Public and Int’L Law
Bachelor Public Law, Human Right, Public International Law
Bachelor Public Sector Entrepreneurship
Bachelor Range Management
Bachelor Regional Planning
Bachelor Remote Sensing
Bachelor Renovation
Bachelor Research In Operation
Bachelor Road and Transportation
Bachelor Rock Mechanic
Bachelor Rural Development
Bachelor Rural Planning Geography
Bachelor Russian Language Teaching
Bachelor Seed Science and Technology
Bachelor Silviculture and Forest Ecology
Bachelor Simulation, Optimization & Process Control
Bachelor Social Development
Bachelor Social Psychology
Bachelor Socio-Economic System Engineering
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Soil and Foundation
Bachelor Soil Biology & Biotechnology
Bachelor Soil Chemistry, Fertility & Plant Nutrition
Bachelor Soil Evolution, Classification & Evaluation
Bachelor Soil Physics & Conservation
Bachelor Solid Waste
Bachelor Sports Health and Medicine
Bachelor Strategy Management
Bachelor Systems Management
Bachelor Technology
Bachelor The Philosophy of Education
Bachelor Transport Economics
Bachelor Urban and Regional Planning
Bachelor Urban Design
Bachelor Urban Management
Bachelor Urban Planning
Bachelor Urban Planning Geography
Bachelor Veterinary
Bachelor Water & Sewage
Bachelor Water Resources
Bachelor Watershed Management
Bachelor Weed Science
Bachelor Welding
Bachelor WomenS Studies
Bachelor Wood and Paper Science and Technolog
Bachelor Wood Products
Bachelor Youth Studies Doctoral Programs
Bachelor Agricultural Biotechnology
Bachelor Agricultural Entomology (Biosystematics, Acarology, & Ecology)
Bachelor Anatomy
Bachelor Animal Breeding and Genetics (Quantitative M)
Bachelor Animal Physiology (Reproduction, Growth, Digestion)
Bachelor Aquatic Animal Health
Bachelor Archives and Documentations
Bachelor Bacteriology
Bachelor Biochemistry
Bachelor Biometrical Genetics
Bachelor Clinical Pathology
Bachelor Comparative and Development Management
Bachelor Earthquake,
Bachelor Econometrics
Bachelor Economic Development
Bachelor Entrepreneurship Management
Bachelor Epidemiology
Bachelor Food Hygiene
Bachelor Genetics Engineering,
Bachelor German Teaching
Bachelor Health Psychology
Bachelor Histology
Bachelor Human Resource Management
Bachelor Immunology
Bachelor Information Management
Bachelor International Economics
Bachelor Iranian Studies
Bachelor Marketing of Agricultural Products
Bachelor Materials Engineering
Bachelor Media Management
Bachelor Metallurgy
Bachelor Molecular Genetics
Bachelor Monetary Economics
Bachelor Motor Learning
Bachelor Mycology
Bachelor Nano-Electronics
Bachelor Nano-Material Disciplines
Bachelor Nano-Technology
Bachelor Natural Resources Economics
Bachelor Nutrition (Animal Nutrition, and Poultry Nutrition)
Bachelor Oil Chemical Engineering
Bachelor Organizational Behavior
Bachelor Organizational Behavior Management
Bachelor Pathology
Bachelor Pharmacology
Bachelor Physiology
Bachelor Plant Pathology (Mycology, Virology, Bacteriology, Nematology)
Bachelor Policy Making Management
Bachelor Policy-Making Management
Bachelor Political Sociology
Bachelor Political Thought
Bachelor Production Economics & Agric. Farm Management
Bachelor Public Economy
Bachelor Public Int’L Law.
Bachelor Public Law
Bachelor Public Policy
Bachelor Range Science
Bachelor Science & Engineering of Watershed Management
Bachelor Sociology of Development
Bachelor Sociology of Social Groups
Bachelor Sociology of Social Matters
Bachelor Sports Physiology
Bachelor Structure
Bachelor Theater
Bachelor Theoretical Basics of Islam
Bachelor Theoretical Cultural Sociology
Bachelor Theriogenology
Bachelor Toxicology
Bachelor Urbanism
Bachelor Virology
Bachelor Water Structures
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Universities related to University of Tehran
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Information is exploratory. For accurate information, refer to the official website of the school.
Universities in this country
Information is exploratory. For accurate information, refer to the official website of the school.
4522Sharif University of TechnologyTehran7,000 USD7,000 USD
9763Tehran University of Medical SciencesTehran5,000 USD5,000 USD
10414Ferdowsi University of MashhadMashhad2,500 USD2,500 USD
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