Cost of living in Oakland, USD/month
Accommodation 782 1,101
Food 346 587
Transportation 60 182
Communications and utilities 93 96
Clothing 23 82
Sports and leisure 33 102
Accommodation in Oakland, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre790
Shared room in city centre1,113
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre1,309
1 bedroom apartment in city centre1,805
Alternative title
French Université de californie
Spanish Universidad de California
Location on map - University of California, Office of The President
University of California, Office of The President (UC) - public higher education institution in United States.
Universities related to University of California, Office of The President
Universities in this city
3358710Mills College20,000 USD20,000 USD
70201784Laney College
71311825Samuel Merritt University20,000 USD20,000 USD
72371854Holy Names University20,000 USD20,000 USD
79522038Lincoln University California10,000 USD10,000 USD
Universities in this country
11Harvard UniversityBoston66,900 USD66,900 USD
22Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBoston58,240 USD58,240 USD
33Stanford UniversitySanta Clara47,331 USD44,184 USD
54California Institute of TechnologyPasadena48,111 USD48,111 USD
75Princeton UniversityPrinceton41,820 USD43,720 USD