Studying abroad opens a lot of opportunities for a university entrant, but before this long-cherished dream comes true an entrant have to prepare a whole pile of documents necessary for enrollment in a higher education institution and, of course, for getting a long-term student visa. This type of visa is classified as non-immigrant. Many university applicants face some difficulties at the stage of documents preparation for a visa, even more questions arise just before going for an interview at the consulate.
Often, applicants are denied a visa which becomes an insurmountable obstacle to the dream of studying at a prestigious university. To avoid such situations, you should know several rules that will help you to get a desired pass to the territory of another country.

Student visas processing terms and fees

CountryVisa codeProcessing timeCostPersonal presence
USAF-1/M-1Under 2 weeks360 USDRequired
UKTier 4 Over 2 weeks477 USD Required
Australia500Under 40 days75 USDRequired
FranceD1 - 4 weeks€99Required
GermanyD4 - 8 weeks€60Required
ChinaX1Under 2 weeksUnder 150 USDNot required
NetherlandsMVVUnder 3 weeks€300Not required
GreeceD1 - 8 weeks€120Required
FinlandD2 - 3 weeks€330Not required
IsraelА/2Under 2 weeks46 USDRequired