Ranking  6245   3
Country Mozambique
Cost of living $317-585 USD/Month.
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World ranking6245
Country ranking3
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UniPage World University Ranking6245
Cost of living in Mozambique
Expenses - USD/Month.Min.Med.
Accommodation 137 225
Food 79 160
Transportation 1 41
Communications and utilities 73 59
Clothing 13 50
Sports and leisure 16 51
Accommodation in Mozambique USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre138
Shared room in city centre227
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre151
1 bedroom apartment in city centre284
Alternative title
old Instituto Superior de Ciencias de Saude
Institute of Health Sciences - higher education institution in Mozambique. Institute of Health Sciences is one of the top educational institutions in Mozambique that never leaves the country’s top 5 places to study.
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