Ranking  114      2
Country South Korea
City Daejeon
Bachelor (foreigners)7,000 USD/year.
Master (foreigners)27,000 USD/year.
Cost of living $714-1,196 USD/Month.
Official Website
World ranking114
Country ranking2
Academic Reputation69
Employer Reputation85
Quality of teaching141
Citations per Faculty10
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities268
Engineering and Technology13
Life Sciences and Medicine241
Natural Science28
Social Sciences and Management67
Ranking in world by discipline
Computer Science76
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking114
QS World University Rankings43
ARWU Academic Ranking201
Alternative title
Arabic معهد كوريا للعلوم والتقنية المتقدمة
German Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Spanish Instituto Avanzado de Ciencia y Tecnología de Corea
French Institut supérieur coréen des sciences et technologies
Japanese KAIST
Korean 한국과학기술원
Portuguese Instituto Avançado de Ciência e Tecnologia da Coreia do Sul
Russian Корейский ведущий научно-технический институт
Chinese 韩国科学技术院
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Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology or 한국과학기술원 (KAIST) - public higher education institution in South Korea.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - Description

Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology is facing with the increasing importance of and demand for highly qualified scientists and engineers to support Korea?s industrialization, following the implementation of economic development plans since 1962. It is the now first research-oriented science and technology graduate school in Korea. Its mission is as follows: Education and training of highly qualified scientists and engineers equipped with theoretical and practical expertise. Participation in mid- to long-term government research projects and basic and applied research for the accumulation of Korea?s competitiveness in science and technology. Provision of research platforms to other research institutes and enterprises.

Bachelor - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is the first and top science & technology research university in Korea. Founded in 1971 to raise elites in science & technology, critical for Korea’s economic takeoff, KAIST has been the gateway to advanced science & technology, innovation, and a driving engine for the development of Korea for past 4 decades. KAIST has always been touted as Korea’s top-notch research university of science wunderkinds and world famous faculty members. KAIST strives to address global challenges facing humanity through competitive research innovation and convergence. In order to meet the new demands of producing young talents who care for global citizenship and social responsibility, KAIST now offers cross-disciplinary academic and research. KAIST fosters the innovation and creativity of global “thought leaders” who no longer abide by the boundaries between disciplines and departments, but instead work under the greater umbrella of interdisciplinary academic convergence.

Programs - Bachelor - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Bachelor Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor Bio and Brain Engineering
Bachelor Biological Sciences
Bachelor Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Bachelor Chemistry
Bachelor Chinese
Bachelor Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bachelor Computer Science
Bachelor Cse (Computer Science Engineering)
Bachelor Division of Web Science and Technology
Bachelor Dm (Digital Media)
Bachelor Ece(Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Bachelor Electrical Engineering
Bachelor Engineering Systems (Public Systems)
Bachelor English
Bachelor Environment Ocean Engineering
Bachelor Environmental Engineering
Bachelor Financial Engineering & Computation
Bachelor Foreign Languages and Linguistics
Bachelor French
Bachelor Geotechnical Engineering
Bachelor German
Bachelor Hi-Tech Manufacturing Engineering
Bachelor History and Philosophy
Bachelor Industrial & Systems Engineering
Bachelor Industrial Design
Bachelor Information and Communications Engineering
Bachelor It Planning and Construction
Bachelor Japanese
Bachelor Knowledge Service Engineering
Bachelor Korean Language and Korean Culture
Bachelor Literature and Arts
Bachelor Management of Sports Facilities
Bachelor Manufacturing Systems
Bachelor Materials Science and Engineering
Bachelor Mathematical Sciences
Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor Mse/Msit-Se (Software Engineering)
Bachelor Nanoscience and Technology
Bachelor Nuclear and Quanturn Engineering
Bachelor Ocean Plant Engineering
Bachelor Ocean System Engineering
Bachelor Ocean Systems Modeling and Simulation
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Port and Coastal Engineering
Bachelor Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Bachelor Russian
Bachelor Science, Technology& Policy
Bachelor Service Systems
Bachelor Shipping and Construction Management
Bachelor Social Sciences
Bachelor Structural Engineering
Bachelor System Engineering
Bachelor Underwater Vehicles and Underwater Acoustics
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Programs - Master - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Master Accounting
Master Aero and Fluid Dynamics
Master Aerospace Engineering
Master Analysis and Applied Mathematics
Master Analyzing Knowledge Innovation Using Patents
Master Animatization of Crowd Behavior
Master Art & Technology Expression
Master Artificial Intelligence and Media
Master Artificial Photosynthesis
Master Audio & Interactive Media
Master Basic Medical Science
Master Bio and Brain Engineering
Master Bio-Electronics System
Master Bio-Information System
Master Bio-Nano System(Mems)
Master Biocatalysis
Master Biochemistry
Master Biological Sciences
Master Biomedical System Engineering
Master Biotechnology (Bt)
Master Bipedal Robots Walking Like Humans
Master Brain and Smart Systems
Master Business Phd Program
Master Business Process Management
Master Business Statistics & Forecasting
Master Cache-Obvious Computing
Master Cancer Biology
Master Cell Engineering
Master Cell Signal Transmission
Master Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Master Chemistry
Master Civil and Environmental Engineering
Master Cognitive Engineering From Humans
Master Collaboration & Interaction Design Research
Master Collaboration and Interaction Design Research
Master Color and Emotion For Design
Master Combinatorics
Master Communicative Interaction
Master Complex Economic Systems
Master Compound Chemistry of New Inorganic and Organic Metals
Master Computational Materials Design
Master Computational Materials Science
Master Computer Aided Net Shaping Manufacturing
Master Computer Chemistry
Master Computer Science
Master Condensed Matter Physics
Master Connectivity and Network Intelligence
Master Corporate Social Responsibility
Master Cpu Chip Design
Master Creative Interaction Design
Master Cse (Computer Science Engineering)
Master Cultural Policy & Management
Master Culture Technology Research
Master Descartes
Master Design
Master Design Management
Master Design Media
Master Design Planning
Master Development of Accurate and Trustable Recommender Systems
Master Development of An E-Tutoring System
Master Development of An Educational Material Search System
Master Development of Handwriting Character Recognition Program
Master Developmental Genetics
Master Developments and Differentiations of Animals and Plants
Master Digital Media & Contents
Master Distributed Ontology and Creative Ir
Master Division of Web Science and Technology
Master Dm (Digital Media)
Master E-Government/Green It Research
Master Ece(Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Master Electrical Engineering
Master Emerging Device
Master End User Programming
Master Energy-Efficient System Architecture
Master Engineering Systems (Public Systems)
Master Enhancing Information Retrieval Systems
Master Environment Ocean Engineering
Master Environment Technology (Et)
Master Environmental Engineering
Master Executive MBA
Master Extinctions and Periodical Control of Cells
Master Fair Trade and Consumer Protection [Kcfc]
Master Finance
Master Finance MBA
Master Financial Engineering & Computation
Master Financial Engineering Research
Master Financial Mathematics
Master Flight Dynamics and Control
Master Functional Genomics
Master Functions and Structures of the Genome
Master Gas Substance Reactions
Master Generation of A Hangul Syllable Block Writing Algorithm Used in Cell-Phones
Master Geometry
Master Geotechnical Engineering
Master Global & Asian Management
Master Global MBA
Master Graduate School of Eews
Master Graduate School of Finance
Master Graduate School of Information & Media Management
Master Graduate School of Innovation & Technology Management
Master Graduate School of Management
Master Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering
Master Greenhouse Gas Sequestration
Master Hi-Tech Manufacturing Engineering
Master High Molecule Chemistry
Master Human Disease Bio
Master Human-Centered Interaction Design
Master Human-Centered Web Exploration:
Master Hydrogen Energy
Master Id+Im Design
Master Imba (Junior Executive MBA)
Master Implementation of An Artificial Human-Level Intelligent System By Analyzing Human Language
Master Industrial & Systems Engineering
Master Industrial Design
Master Information and Communications Engineering
Master Information Mathematics
Master Information Presentation and Visualization
Master Information Technology (It)
Master Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Master Innovation and Technology Management
Master Inorganic Chemistry
Master Intellectual Property Management
Master Intelligent Knowledge Processing From Computers
Master Intelligent Systems
Master Intelligent-Based System
Master It Management
Master It Planning and Construction
Master It-Based Intelligent Mechanical System
Master Knowledge Management Research
Master Knowledge Service Engineering
Master Ksim MBA
Master Law and Business
Master Machine Control Laboratory
Master Management and Retrieval Infra For Semantic Web and Social Network
Master Management Engineering
Master Management Science
Master Managerial Economics
Master Manufacturing Systems
Master Marketing
Master Markov Random Field
Master Materials Science and Engineering
Master Mathematical Sciences
Master Mechanical Engineering
Master Mechanical Systems
Master Mechanics & Design Innovation
Master Medical Chemistry
Master Medical Engineering
Master Mesoporous Materials
Master Metal Nanoparticle
Master Mobile and Ubiquitous Platforms
Master Mobile Resource Allocation and Analysis
Master Molecular Neurobiology
Master Mse/Msit-Se (Software Engineering)
Master Music & Sound Design
Master Musicoogy
Master Nano Modeling
Master Nano Synthesis
Master Nano-Bio
Master Nano/Micro Systems Technology
Master Nanobiomaterials, Nanobiosensor
Master Nanophotonics
Master Nanoscale Materials Research
Master Nanoscience and Technology
Master Nanotechnology (Nt)
Master National Competitiveness Research
Master Natural Products Chemistry
Master Nerve Physiological Phenomena
Master Neutron Scattering Science
Master New Product Development
Master Nuclear and Quanturn Engineering
Master Nuclear Environmental Engineering
Master Nuclear I&C and Information Engineering
Master Nuclear Materials Engineering
Master Nuclear Reactor Analysis and Particle Transport
Master Nuclear Safety and Computation
Master Nuclear System Engineering
Master Ocean Plant Engineering
Master Ocean System Engineering
Master Ocean Systems Modeling and Simulation
Master Ontology Engineering, Natural Language Processing
Master Optical Science , Bio Imaging
Master Optics
Master Organic Synthesis Chemistry
Master Organization & Strategy
Master Organs Chemistry
Master Overlay Architecture
Master Photocatalysis
Master Photochemistry
Master Physics
Master Physics of Complex Systems & Biophysics
Master Plasma Physics
Master Platform of Creative Tomorrow
Master Port and Coastal Engineering
Master Pro-Human Engineering
Master Probability and Statistics
Master Product & Environmental Systems Design Research
Master Propulsion and Convulsion
Master Protein Engineering
Master Protein Structure Analysis
Master Quantum Beam Engineering
Master Radiation Detection and Medical Imaging
Master Renewable Green Energy Alternatives
Master Robot Intelligence Technology
Master Scientific Computational Mathematics
Master Search Engine
Master Seawater Desalination
Master Secondary Battery
Master Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining of Fund Investors’ Behavior
Master Service Systems
Master Shipping and Construction Management
Master Social Computing
Master Social Network Analysis & Infra
Master Social Network Modeling
Master Solar Energy, Fuel Cells
Master Solid State Chemistry
Master Solution Reactions
Master Space Technology (St)
Master Spatio-Temporal Data, Data Mining, Privacy
Master Structural Chemistry
Master Structural Engineering
Master Structures and Structural
Master Super Computer
Master Surface and Catalyst Chemistry
Master Sw Architecture and Quality Assurance
Master System Architecture
Master System Engineering
Master Techno-MBA
Master Technology Entrepreneurship
Master Technology Fiancing
Master Technology Management
Master Technology Marketing
Master Technology Strategy
Master Telecommunications Management and Policy
Master Telerobotics & Control
Master The Nature of Materials Science
Master Theoretical Chemistry
Master Theoritical High Energy Physics
Master Thermofluid and Energy Systems
Master Topology
Master Underwater Vehicles and Underwater Acoustics
Master Vascular Biology
Master Virtual Reality Research
Master Visual Media Lab
Master Voice(Korean) Recognition System
Master Web Content Protection and Authentication
Master Web Contents Processing and Utilization:
Master Web Mining and Search
Master Web Platform:
Master Web Software Engineering”
Master Web-Base Software Development
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