Queen Ethelburga’s College (Queen Ethelburg) - private higher education institution in United Kingdom. In order to get the students away from distractions and temptations of cities Queen Ethelburga’s College constructed its campus outside York where students can focus solely on their studies. Queen Ethelburga’s College provides quality education that is appreciated throughout the whole country.

Application process and the cost of tuition. The university chose a trimester based approach to divide its academic schedule.

The composition of the university. Queen Ethelburga’s College belongs to small universities, with a capacity of only 1200 students. Both citizens and foreigners are able to apply.

Infrastructure of Queen Ethelburg. The university has a functioning library. For those who require accommodations dormitories on and off campus are offered. Queen Ethelburga’s College has a variety of sports facilities which might be important to many students.
General information
Organization type Private
Abbreviation Queen Ethelburg
Students 1,150
Religion None
Academic calendar Trimesters
Campus type Rural
Housing Available
Sport facilities Available
Library Available
Alternative title
English Queen Ethelburga’s College
Russian Школа Queen Ethelburga’s

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