General information
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation KAU
Teachers 4,561
Students 37,181
Foreigners 20%
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on grades and examinations
Gender limitation No limits
Colors Blue and white
Campus type Suburban
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Distance learning Available
Exchange programs Available
Library Available
• Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia
World ranking222
Country ranking2
Academic Reputation378
Quality of teaching182
International Faculty74
International Students185
Ranking in world by sphere
Engineering and Technology235
Natural Science285
Social Sciences and Management397
Ranking in world by discipline
Computer Science27
Cost of living in Jeddah, USD/month
Accommodation 154 198
Food 134 237
Transportation 32 169
Communications and utilities 63 60
Clothing 22 84
Sports and leisure 41 168
Accommodation in Jeddah, USD/month
Shared room outside of centre156
Shared room in city centre200
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre234
1 bedroom apartment in city centre340
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking222
QS World University Rankings304
ARWU Academic Ranking151
Webometrics Ranking592
Alternative title
Russian университета им. короля Абдулазиза
Spanish Universidad Rey Abdulaziz
Chinese 阿卜杜勒阿齐兹国王大学
Arabic جامعة الملك عبد العزيز
French Université du roi Abdulaziz
German König-Abdulaziz-Universität Dschidda
Japanese キング・アブドゥルアズィーズ大学
Korean 킹압둘아지즈대학교
Portuguese Universidade do Rei Abdul Aziz

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King Abdulaziz University or جامعة الملك عبد العزيز (KAU) - public higher education institution in Saudi Arabia.

King Abdulaziz University - Description

KAU has been working to establish good graduate studies programs. This goal coincides with its foundational regulations which states in its first article, â??KAU should provide all the necessary measures for undergraduate and graduate studies in all the fields of arts, science, and other specialized fields of knowledge. The Deanship of Graduate Studies has a vision which is "To Provide Pioneer graduate programs including PhD and Masters programs and to insure excellent academic outputs". Its mission is "To create an environment conducive to graduate programs and pioneering research, facilitate interaction with relevant stakeholders to advance knowledge and fulfill the developmental needs of society". KAU has currently 110 graduate studies programs which include : 6 Graduate Diplomas, 56 Taught/Thesis Master Programs, 35 Taught/Research Projects Master Programs, and 14 PhD Programs .

Bachelor - King Abdulaziz University

King Abdulaziz University (KAU) bears the name of the founder of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz Al-Saud. It was founded in 1967 as the first private institution in the Kingdom and later became a public university in 1971. KAU has witnessed tremendous quantitative and qualitative progress in terms of enrollment, diversity of academic programs in both social and natuaral sciences. It is recognized as a prestigious university in Saudi Arabia with unique professional disciplines and specializations. Some of these are Marine Sciences, Meteorology, Earth Sciences, Nuclear Engineering, Mining, Medical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering which distinguishes it from other universities in the Kingdom. The strategic plan of the university states its mission "The advancement of society through pioneering research, and encouraging academic and scientific excellence". Its vision is that "KAU will be known as a beacon of knowledge, islamic values, rich university tradition, curricular comperhensiveness, professional excellence, unique specializations, ethical convictions, pioneering development, inventiveness, scientific diversity, applied research and collaborations for the advancement of society". KAU has the following Faculties : 1) Economics & Administrations 2) Arts & Humanities 3) Science 4) Engineering 5) Medicine 6) Earth Sciences 7) Meteorology & Environment and Arid Land 8) Marine Sciences 9) Dentistry 10) Environmental...

Description of King Abdulaziz University

King Abdulaziz University (KAU) was honored to have the name of the Founder of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz Alsaud. It was founded in 1967 as the first private higher education institution in the Kingdom and became a public institution in 1973. Since its establishment, KAU has been tremendously developed and grown in different fields as a leading university in Saudi Arabia and now constitutes 39 colleges, 3 educational institutions, 7 research centers, 8 centers of excellence, 9 deanships and 31 Scientific Chairs. There are 138 academic undergraduate programs and 172 postgraduate programs currently at KAU. Its vision has been clearly stated as "A beacon of knowledge: Islamic values, tradition of the old university, integration in: occupational professionalism, and exceptional skills, increase in development: innovation and superiority, diversity and continuous in academic research in society service". KAU mission has therefore stated " The advancement of society through cultural and scientific excellence, and pioneering research". KAU has been adopting best international practices, quality standards and effective techniques and now 97 of its academic programs were internationally accredited by prestigious international accreditation commissions such as: ABET, AALE, CSC, CIWEM, UNIQUE, AMBA and others. The second strategic plan of KAU (2010-2015) has developed the future identity of the university to transform it to new facets as research, electronic, entrepreneurship and thinking university in addition to its traditional facet as a comprehensive university. In 2011, the International Advisory Board has been formed of 20 esteemed international figures to support KAU by their expertise. A significant number of leading figures in governmental and private sectors in Saudi Arabia are KAU graduates
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