About CUT

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) — public non-profit university. It is located in Limassol, Cyprus. The higher education institution is considered one of the youngest in the country, as it was founded in 2004. CUT is working together with U.S Green Building, EAIE, EuroCall, CALICO, HUMANE, UNIMED, EAERE, FIB, UKRO, IFLA, Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) Senate.

CUT offers master programs in different fields of study.

Limassol, Cyprus
Establishment year
International students
Acceptance rate

CUT tuition fees

The academic calendar at CUT is divided into two semesters. For convenience, tuition fees are calculated per year. Tuition fees at CUT are equal for locals and foreigners, and start from 2,944 USD per year. Thanks to financial support programs, students have the opportunity to fully or partially cover the cost of education. The cost of education and the availability of scholarships can be checked on the official website.

It is necessary to pay attention to other costs: accommodation, transportation, study materials, food, and personal expenses.

Academic calendar
Financial Aidallowances and other types of social assistance
5,387 USD/year
10,000 USD/year
Mastercitizens and foreigners
2,944 USD/year

Bachelor degree at CUT

Undergraduate studies at CUT are eligible if you pass the entrance exams.

Guidance in the admission process

Our staff will walk you through the entire admission process: from choosing a university and preparing documents to enrollment and obtaining a visa. We are always in touch and ready to answer any questions. UniPage experts will always objectively assess your situation and suggest the most suitable university options.

Master's degree at CUT

To confirm your level of English, you must pass IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum IELTS score for admission is 6. TOEFL — 72 or higher.


CUT campus

The campus of CUT is located in Limassol. This is a fairly large city that opens up many opportunities for students: from cafes, restaurants and other entertainment to internships at large companies. But an urban campus can also be a disadvantage, because big city life distracts some students from their studies. University students have access to the library. It contains a collection of scientific papers, textbooks and fiction. The exchange of intercultural experience occupies a special place in training at CUT. The educational institution regularly invites foreign students to participate in exchange programs and organizes various joint events.

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What to do after graduation

There are many options to stay in the country after completing your studies at the university. One of them is to get an offer from an employer and apply for a work visa. Detailed information can be found on the embassy website. Look for more immigration options in our article.

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