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Nanjing University
Country China
City Nanjing
Bachelor (foreigners)$1,000/year.
Master (foreigners)$1,000/year.
Cost of living $409-826/mon.
Official Website
Finance type Nonprofit
Organization type Public
Abbreviation NU
Teachers 2,548
Students 33,113
Foreigners 6%
Religion None
Academic calendar Semesters
AdmissionBased on entrance examinations
Gender limitations None
Campus type Urban
Housing Available
Financial aid Available
Library Available
Sincerity with Aspiration, Perseverance and Integrity
• Education Department, Jiangsu Province
• Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU)
World ranking159
Country ranking7
Academic Reputation117
Employer Reputation204
International Faculty346
Citations per Faculty74
Ranking in world by sphere
Arts and Humanities158
Engineering and Technology142
Life Sciences and Medicine279
Natural Science70
Social Sciences and Management228
Ranking in world by discipline
Computer Science101
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking159
QS World University Rankings131
ARWU Academic Ranking201
Webometrics Ranking206
Alternative title
Накинский университетru
Universidad de Nankínes
جامعة نانجينغar
Université de Nankinfr
Universidade de Nanjingpt
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Nanjing University is one of China's key comprehensive universities and it functions directly under the Ministry of Education. It is located in the ancient capital of six dynasties -- Nanjing. The University dates back to 1902 when Sanjiang Normal School was founded, and then evolved as Liangjiang Normal School, Nanjing Higher Normal School, National Southeast University, the Fourth Zhongshan University, and National Central University. On August 8, 1949, the National Central University was renamed National Nanjing University. In October 1950, as required by the Ministry of Education, the name was changed to Nanjing University. In 1952, when a nationwide readjustment of universities took place, some schools, such as the School of Engineering and the School of Agriculture, were separated from the University; meanwhile, the University merged with the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Sciences of the University of Nanking, which was founded in 1888. The new university remained Nanjing University and the campus of Nanjing University moved from Sipailou to Gulou. Today, Nanjing University consists of two campuses, one in Gulou and the other in Pukou with a total area of more than 3,600 mu (nearly 600 acres). It is one of the top universities in China,...

Description of Nanjing University

Founded in 1902, Nanjing University (NJU) was known as San Jiang Normal School. During the following decades, it evolved as Liangjiang Normal School, Nanjing Higher Normal School, National Southeast University, the Fourth Zhongshan University, and National Central University, National Nanjing University. The name was changed to Nanjing University in 1950. In1952, due to the nationwide reconstruction of colleges and universities, NJU'S some academic units such as the School of Engineering and the School of Agriculture were separated from the University. Meanwhile, it merged with the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Sciences of the University of Nanking founded in1888. Its name remained and became a comprehensive university mainly focused on fundamental teaching and research in arts and sciences. In 1994 NJU was selected among the first group of Chinese Project 211 universities, in 1999 among the first group of 9 Chinese universities selected for Project 985, and 2009 as a member of C9 (Chinese Consortium of 9 Universities). Today, there are 28 Schools containing 75 departments in NJU. Among 4800 faculty and staff, there are 2228 full-time faculty members, among whom 29 are Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 3 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 4 members of the Third World Academy of Sciences, 1 member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Currently, it has more than 30,000 full-time students, offering 86 undergraduate majors, 164 master programs, 150 doctoral programs and 28 postdoctoral research stations. NJU now homes 12 National Bases for Basic Sciences Research and Education, 4 Bases for Humanities and Social Sciences Research, 43 National Key Disciplines,1 National Laboratory of Microstructure (to be completed) and 7 State Key Laboratories of Science and Technology. NJU is very active in international cooperation and academic exchanges. So far, it has established partnership with over 260 institutions of higher learning in the world's 30 countries and regions. Annually 30% of NJU undergraduates study abroad, and over 3000 oversears students come to study in NJU, including 1,300 degree-seeking students. Up to now the university has sent more than 8,000 faculty members and staff abroad for further study and academic visits, and has also invited more than 3,000 foreign scholars and specialists to give lectures and conduct cooperative research. NJU has never ceased its efforts to explore new models of international cooperation. Such efforts resulted in the founding of the Centre for Chinese and American Studies(with the Johns Hopkins University, US), the Sino-German Institute for Law Studies (with Goettingen University, Germany), and the Centre for Chinese and Japanese Studies (with University of Tokyo, Japan) among others. The Institute for International Students, founded in 1955, has graduated more than 18,000 international students from over 70 countries. Meanwhile, an International College has been established, offering joint degree or dual-degree course programs for Chinese students such as “Sino-Canadian College” and “Nanjing-New York College” jointly established with University of Waterloo and the State University of New York. The vision of NJU is to build itself as a world-class university characterized as research-intensive, comprehensive and international, and thus it will play a more prominent role in China’s rise in the 21st century.

Program - Nanjing University

Master - Doctorate

Bachelor Accounting
Bachelor Administration
Bachelor Advertising and Communication
Bachelor Analytical Chemistry
Bachelor And High Analytical Chemistry and Physical
Bachelor Applied Chemistry
Bachelor Applied Psychology
Bachelor Archeology
Bachelor Archival Science
Bachelor Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics
Bachelor Astrophysics Professional
Bachelor Atmospheric Physics
Bachelor Automation
Bachelor Building
Bachelor Business Administration
Bachelor Chinese Language and Literature
Bachelor Coastal Marine Science
Bachelor Communication Engineering
Bachelor Computer Science and Technology
Bachelor Department of International Business
Bachelor E-Commerce
Bachelor Economics
Bachelor Editing and Publishing (Electronic Publishing Direction)
Bachelor Educational Technology (Digital Media and Knowledge Engineering)
Bachelor Electronic Engineering
Bachelor English
Bachelor Environmental Engineering
Bachelor Environmental Science
Bachelor Finance and Insurance
Bachelor Financial Engineering
Bachelor French Language
Bachelor Fundamental Physics
Bachelor Geochemistry
Bachelor Geographic Information Science
Bachelor Geological Engineering
Bachelor Geology
Bachelor German
Bachelor History
Bachelor Human Resource Management
Bachelor Hydrology and Water Resources
Bachelor Industrial Economics
Bachelor Industrial Engineering
Bachelor Information and Computing Science
Bachelor Information Electronics
Bachelor Information Engineering
Bachelor Information Management and Information System
Bachelor Inorganic Chemistry
Bachelor International Economy and Trade
Bachelor International Political
Bachelor Japanese Language
Bachelor Journalism
Bachelor Korean Language
Bachelor Labor and Personnel and Social Security
Bachelor Land Resources and Tourism Sciences
Bachelor Law
Bachelor Library Science
Bachelor Marketing
Bachelor Materials Science and Engineering
Bachelor Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Bachelor Meteorologists
Bachelor Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
Bachelor Modern Physics
Bachelor Movie Theater Arts Professional
Bachelor Organic Chemistry
Bachelor Philosophy
Bachelor Photoelectric Science
Bachelor Physical Chemistry
Bachelor Physics
Bachelor Political Science and Public Administration
Bachelor Radio, Television and New Media
Bachelor Russian
Bachelor Social Work
Bachelor Sociology
Bachelor Software Engineering
Bachelor Sound Science and Engineering
Bachelor Space Science and Technology
Bachelor Spanish Language
Bachelor Statistics
Bachelor Urban and Regional Planning
Bachelor Urban Planning and Design
Master Accounting
Master Administration
Master Advertising and Communication
Master Analytical Chemistry
Master And High Analytical Chemistry and Physical
Master Applied Chemistry
Master Applied Psychology
Master Archeology
Master Archival Science
Master Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics
Master Astrophysics Professional
Master Atmospheric Physics
Master Automation
Master Building
Master Business Administration
Master Chinese Language and Literature
Master Coastal Marine Science
Master Communication Engineering
Master Computer Science and Technology
Master Department of International Business
Master E-Commerce
Master Economics
Master Editing and Publishing (Electronic Publishing Direction)
Master Educational Technology (Digital Media and Knowledge Engineering)
Master Electronic Engineering
Master English
Master Environmental Engineering
Master Environmental Science
Master Finance and Insurance
Master Financial Engineering
Master French Language
Master Fundamental Physics
Master Geochemistry
Master Geographic Information Science
Master Geological Engineering
Master Geology
Master German
Master History
Master Human Resource Management
Master Hydrology and Water Resources
Master Industrial Economics
Master Industrial Engineering
Master Information and Computing Science
Master Information Electronics
Master Information Engineering
Master Information Management and Information System
Master Inorganic Chemistry
Master International Economy and Trade
Master International Political
Master Japanese Language
Master Journalism
Master Korean Language
Master Labor and Personnel and Social Security
Master Land Resources and Tourism Sciences
Master Law
Master Library Science
Master Marketing
Master Materials Science and Engineering
Master Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Master Meteorologists
Master Microelectronics and Optoelectronics
Master Modern Physics
Master Movie Theater Arts Professional
Master Organic Chemistry
Master Philosophy
Master Photoelectric Science
Master Physical Chemistry
Master Physics
Master Political Science and Public Administration
Master Radio, Television and New Media
Master Russian
Master Social Work
Master Sociology
Master Software Engineering
Master Sound Science and Engineering
Master Space Science and Technology
Master Spanish Language
Master Statistics
Master Urban and Regional Planning
Master Urban Planning and Design

Location on map - Nanjing University

Location on map - Nanjing University
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